Ask: What kind of pens do you use?

Thank you so much for taking the time out to give me such a beautiful compliment ;-;

Now for your question. I am a very minimalistic person. I don’t like taking a big pouch of pens to med school and back (those books are hard enough) and I also like to have my personal notes and my lecture notes to look exactly the same (neat freak much .__.). So all I use are common ballpoint pens and colored felt tip pointers.

Here’s my MUST HAVE arsenal of writing instruments:

-Dollar Pointer Softliner (for the headings, tables, underlining, highlighted text) They’re available in about… seven or eight colors I think- the standard black blue red green and then light blue (picture), pink, purple, and light brown. I think that’s it.

-Piano ball point (blue and black, I pick which ever color I fancy for the whole unit)

-Lead pencil (and I forgot to add its buddy, the clear plastic ruler)

I live in Pakistan, so the first two utensils can be easily bought at any stationary shop. If you live in any place that falls in the rest of the world, I’m sure you can find other alternatives.

Oh, and one more thing. You don’t need to have really expensive stuff to make pretty notes or anything. Just buy whatever makes you comfortable. A lot of studyblrs here make their notes with gel liners but I can’t work with gel (I tend to smear my whole page so I reserve them for essay examinations where I don’t have to write all over the place). So remember- comfort comes first! 


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