January 2015!

Isn’t this amazing- we’re already through 1/12th of the new year! Does this year still seem “new” to you- cause it sure does to me! I felt that time flew by too quickly- so I’m going to quickly go through what happened this January.

Posts I wrote on Blogger:
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App Review: Momentum
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Pictures I uploaded on instagram/tumblr:

Cause candy.
Started studying Embryology- definitely going to write a blogpost about this!
The most magnificent flow chart/mind map I have ever made.
My dad’s office desk.
Caption: 4gut 4brain and I’m too cool 4you.
Because I couldn’t help it- Four Fours- get it? LOL
Journal Entries I wrote this month:
January The Second, 2015
We always talk about the things we want to do, the habits we want to inculcate and changes we would like to see implemented but we don’t really take the initiative. Since it’s 2015 though, it’s a good excuse to dust off this journal and start writing.
I’m currently sitting in a library and just finished going over my notes for this first module of medicine. It’s a bit tough because it’s more of an overview so the information is vast and scattered. 
Med school is supposed to open on the 5th of January- whereas other schools here have been closed down for another week. “The terrorists have succeeded in terrorising us and shutting down education all over the country”, says Amee.
January the Third, 2015
Mornings sound really productive, like get out of bed and make yourself a cup of coffee and then get down to work until it’s actually morning.
This picture is very appealing- except when you actually have to get out of bed.
I’ve been thinking about it all week but haven’t succeeded in doing it at all. Perhaps I’m lacking in motivation or maybe I’m lazy or I just love sleep too much.
I’d be okay with getting up late if I actually studied the nigt before. Unfortunately, I go to bed at eleven pm and feel like I’m awake till 12 am because it takes so long to go to sleep.
The only solution I’ve thought up so far is mental exhaustion for instant KO sleep.
January the Fifth, 2015
There are people out there that I probably can’t get along with so how exactly am I supposed to deal with it? Maybe it’s time to go through a rerun of some random “10 Habits/Tips/Advice of Highly Sociable People” or something off of the internet.
January the Seventh, 2015
People blab stuff on the internet that makes no sense at first glance then you sit down and beat your head with it to understand it because loads of people are like “Dude, that’s so deep! I love it!” and you really don’t want to be the only stupid one.
January the Twelfth, 2015
I’m writing this and thinking and breathing and this is the now, this is the present. 
There will be a day when I’ll be thinking and breathing and the now then would be the Day of Judgement and there will be no short cut and there will be no escape and that one day will be like a thousand years and horror would cause children’s hair to turn white and pregnant females to drop their loads.
Are you ready?
I’m not.
January the Sixteenth, 2015
I have poured in
Too much of my essence
And soul
The Internet
January the Twentieth, 2015
I don’t like talking because what I usually say seems pretty useless unless when I think about it in retrospect, but that’s it, isn’t it. No one thinks about what other people say in retrospect. But I do. Not just my own speech, but other people’s too.
How many people reply the day’s conversation in their heads over and over?
Or even play it once?
There’s no entry after that but I really want to motivate myself to write more this month!
Other Unrelated Achievements:
I got my grades for the first module and I passed! I’m on the 89th percentile- meaning I scored higher than 89 people in my class.
I also reached 200 followers on tumblr (I’m so happy :D) unfortunately, both my blogger and bloglovin follows have been stuck for a while. 
I’m also getting involved in a research program- had a meeting on Friday. I’ll try writing a bit more about it when I get enough information.
I’ve volunteered for SIST (Shifa InterScholastic Tournament) which is a 2 day event on 7th and 8th of February- and it’s going to be awesome! If any of my readers happen to be from Islamabad- you really need to come here! It’s going to be mind blowing!

Well, that’s it for this post! I’m going to add a section about notable blog posts I read or new blogs I follow for next time ^^ Oh, and if you guys want to see my planner pages for this month (or have me add a section for them in February) comment below. 
So how has your January been? Have you managed to accomplish something in the 1/12th of 2015 that’s gone by?

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