February 2015!

We’re back to the beginning of a new month! March is here- and you know what that means? Spring! And you know what spring means? Summer! And you know what summer means!
I really wish I could keep February going just so I don’t have to face those disgusting little bugs.

Anyway- back to the wrap up! Here are some posts I wrote this month:
Embryology: The Origin
Sorrow Not Mine
Take a Look at my Notebook?
H is for Heme

Here are some pictures I uploaded on tumblr and instagram:

Bought a new bag. I was really surprised when Guyton and Hall fit into it!
Here’s a flow chart I made for the physiology test I had on Thursday.
Here’s the doodling I’ve been doing on the back of my study guide which, indeed, is red.
This is how I explain concepts to my eight year old brother so I understand them myself.
I get random compliments about my notes 🙂
And then there was SIST’15!
Here are the pages from my planner for February 2015:
This is the calender page.

First week of February.

Second week of February.

Third week of February

Fourth week of February
I have not been writing in my journal consistently, however. There are only three entries for February and I’m going to try writing more in March and then merge the two journals together.
And last thing before I end this post! Here’s a quote from one of my most favorite movie ever!
 Now, you and I are the only thing standin’ between that ugly bastard and a city of 2 million people! Now we have a choice here: we either sit and wait, or we take these flare guns and do something really stupid. -Pacific Rim  
So how did your February go?

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