App Review: BioDigital Human (1)


Am I the only one who finds this intro extremely cool?

Today I’m going to be reviewing this really nifty app I discovered this week! If you’re a faint hearted reader and find dissections or diagrams of dissections too explicit, be warned. I like reviewing things with lots of pictures 🙂

I’m going to start off by introducing the PC version of this program.

You don’t have to create an account or anything- just sign in with your Google or Facebook account! You also don’t have to download anything- it’s all in your browser! After logging in, the experience is just about to begin…

Would you look at that! Your very own digital human play thing! You get to choose what you want to see- do you want a plain old skeleton, or maybe a skeleton with blood vessels, or a muscle man with no bones, or a floating digestive system, or a whatever you want from the list given beside your Human!

If that’s not cool, there is something wrong with you .__. sorry.

Apart from that, you can zoom in, rotate, dissect specific structures off of your Human, highlight structures and isolate them, make things transparent and explore this realistic simulation. This is like the best interactive atlas I have discovered.

I had my Human with bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics on.

Did I mention that the program goes FULL SCREEN if you want it to?

The only thing lacking I found here was how I couldn’t utilize my touch screen. You can use your mouse to rotate the Human. Zoom and moving the camera left, right, up and down are all down by specific keys on your keyboard. But touch screen is a no no on PC.

If you’re a medical student or an anatomy student or just a curious biology student or just someone who wants to explore the universe inside you, BioDigital Human is just for you!

I would give this program a 4.5/5.

So go ahead. What’re you waiting for? Dive into the world of anatomy!

If you’re a crazy person like me, you’d do this too to see what it would look like if you were a heart.
(this is the view from inside the chest, approximately where the heart would lie)
I’ll review the mobile version in another post ^^.
Have a great week!

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