April 2015!

AssalamuAlaikum ^^.

It’s May!! It’ll be my birthday in a few days, I’m so excited and yet, I’m not! I’ll be at the very last year of my teens and then I can’t play the “angsty teenager” card D: and I’m going to have to be an adult D:

But before we have a nervous breakdown on teenagers and adults, I’ll be recapping what I did in April!

Here are the posts I wrote for this month:
Notebook Entries #2
Tokyo Ghoul: An Anime Review
Guest Post: Scholars in School

Here are the pages from my planner:

Is it just me or did the quality mess up? Oh well.

Here are some April photography

See how many things you can find.
There’s a chocolate box, an upside Apple and my house keys in a corner. Oh- and a plastic ball with earrings inside it.
Draw on your foot if the book doesn’t make sense.
I took a photograph of the letter Birdie sent me.
Found an old Pakistan Studies project that my brother hijacked; see below
How crudely hijacked ;_;
Rained in Islamabad in this last week of April!
I haven’t written many journal entries this month- but I’ll try writing more in April and then posting both of the segments together.

So how did your April go?


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