May 2015!


How’s everyone doing today? I’m terribly sorry for not posting as regularly as I should have been doing. I keep planning on writing queued posts, but I never have enough motivation to write two or three posts together- even though I know exactly what I want to write about! Do you write queued posts? How do you stay motivated for writing them in one sitting?

Anyway, May is over! So much happened this month!

Here are the posts I wrote in May
Game Review- Clash of Clans: That post where I talk about a game I’d downloaded, only to delete out of frustration.
LMS- Leave Med School?: I talked about how my current module was going and how we deal with cadavers.
App Review: BioDigital Human: I had discovered this amazing interactive anatomy atlas- that’s 3D and I just couldn’t wait to share it with everyone!
Reminisce: Ever had a friend who suddenly wasn’t as much of a friend as before? Same here!

Here are some random pictures from my Instagram and tumblr:

My birthday cake! My friends (from the previous blogpost lol) came over to my house on a surprise visit with this delicious cake! It was a great birthday- because I got to see my friends after such a long time ^^.

This super cute present I got on my birthday
Japanese candyy

Super cute heart necklace o/

And an origami bird!
Okay, I should stop spamming birthday pictures now…

Another foot drawing.

Studying about the popliteal fossa.

Drawing the popliteal fossa.
By the way, the popliteal fossa is the diamond shaped depression on the back of your knee. You can feel the pulse of the popliteal artery here if you flex your knee (bend it) and dig your fingers into the fossa. You can’t feel the pulse if your leg is straight cause then the depression vanishes and the artery is too deep in to feel.

It rained in Islamabad a couple of times. Really made the weather bearable for a few days!

Drawing: the Hand Edition.

Apart from this, I had also went through my old notebooks and found the rough drafts of the poems I had already published on blogger (Spider, Monsters, Untitled) as well as a few I hadn’t.

So that’s how my May went! How did yours go? Do you have anything planned for summer? I sure do! Stay tuned for a special summer post coming up soon!!


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