Fairfax, Virginia

Assalamualaikum! You know how I said I’d try to write blog regularly? Well, here’s my first post!

My flight was horrible. I didn’t like it at all. I mean, yeah, you have movies to entertain you and random stuff to eat all the time, but honestly, I’ll say this bluntly.

The movies gave me a headache.

The seats didn’t let me sleep.

My brother wouldn’t let me sleep on him.

The food had too many tomatoes.

Who even puts gigantic slices of tomatoes in a fried egg sandwich??

I spent half the flight just staring at the flight details on my screen, waiting for the “hours till arrival” to dwindle down. The waiting started 6 hours into a 13 hour flight- so yes, I spent half of my flight very unproductively.

Apart from watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron. That was perhaps the only 2 hours I spent actually doing something.

I couldn’t wait to get off my seat, I felt very confined which is weird since this wasn’t my first flight. I’ve flown from Pakistan to the US and back at least five times (this would be the sixth) and I usually don’t fidget and feel the urge to throw people out of the plane.

Anyway, landing in Washington DC was such a relief. They even had decent WiFi at the airport (the one at Abu Dhabi was just very confusing- how the heck was I supposed to press AGREE to the terms of conditions written in Arabic that I couldn’t even understand) which is a really good thing considering how we had to wait about half an hour for the last piece of luggage.

My uncle came to pick us up and we’ve been at his house since then. My cousins have been keeping me entertained- we went on walks, to the mall and even a comic book shop (I meant to take pictures, honestly, but there were too many comic books and I got really distracted- especially by the shelf with Doctor Who and Avatar: The Last Airbender and Attack on Titan).

Random scenic picture from a walk.

I even tried Starbucks- that apparently famous coffee shop thing and I asked for iced coffee and it was so gross, what even. I poured in a lot of sugar but only the last dregs tasted good (the ones that had sugar particles by the dozens). So yeah, Starbucks was a disappointment even though I really do like coffee.

Tomorrow we might go to DC. Tentative plan. I’ll definitely be taking more pictures if we do.

On a sadder note, I don’t feel well 🙁 I think I’ve got an upset stomach and I can’t figure out what exactly caused this- but I’m making an effort to recover ASAP by drinking loads of water.

So how’s your summer going?


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