Low Battery Challenge: October 2015

I seem to have disappeared for a few days, but I am back with a new series- a joint challenge with Envy! Without further ado, I present to you-

What exactly is this challenge about?

It’s about getting rid of the usual hold that technology has over us and in the process, hopefully conserve some energy by unplugging ourselves from our devices and our devices from the mains supply.

Sometimes, I go over the schedule I had for the day and notice that I could have done so much more if it wasn’t for the infinite scrolling provided by Facebook, tumblr and Pinterest! As a result, I jumped at the chance of going through a ‘cold turkey’ to throw these habits off my back and get back to being productive! I would much rather spend an hour of solid studying rather than three hours which include amusing myself as I study…

Unfortunately, throwing technology out the window is nearly impossible, especially with academics depending so heavily on it. I need my phone to stay connected so I can be updated about classes and lectures. As a result, I too have drawn up my own set of rules to follow throughout the duration of October.

Rule#1: Delete every single social media app on my phone except Whatsapp and twitter.

Rule#2: I am not allowed to use these apps to start new conversations unless it’s absolutely necessary. I am, however, allowed to update my twitter feed.

Rule#3: I am allowed to freely use other educational apps like Quizlet, Duolingo, Inkling, iBooks, Adobe etc.

Rule#4: I must shift my academic data onto my laptop instead of my phone so that my studying remains limited to the use of my laptop only.

Rule#5: I am allowed to access tumblr, Facebook, Blogger and Pinterest on my laptop but with a time restriction of 30 minutes a day.

Rule #6: I am allowed to “save” and “use” my hours. For example, if I do not utilize the 30 minutes for social networking on a weekday, I am allowed to convert it to an hour of internet on a weekend.

These rules might make the challenge sound really easy, but believe me, it’s not! I spent my first day aimlessly flipping through my phone, looking for something to do but finding absolutely nothing- since I’d deleted everything! After the initial moments of feeling lost, I was forced to actually think about doing something productive! Imagine that. I’m hoping my thoughts turn into actions as October progresses!

Expect more posts to come your way as I take up my pen to write, once again!


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