Knit and Purl

I’m not exactly the most dedicated knitter out there but I have my phases of getting back into the habit. Usually these phases last for a month or two before I move to something else- the cause of this is usually tackling a project that is too large for me to handle. The last time I got into the knitting phase, I had tried to knit patches for a quilt. I had went out and bought different skeins, all sober winter colors that I imagined would look nice on a knitted blanket. Warm brown, inky black, light grey and a creamy white. Suffice to say, I only ended up making one patch before giving up. It would take forever to make multiple patches and it was actually starting to look hopeless. So yes, I gave up, for the time being.

With a two week break after my annual exams, I pulled out my skeins and needles and decided to try something small. A bit of Googling followed by browsing through multiple galleries of photographs with captioned instructions, I came across this project. Fingerless gloves? Super cool! Only a few hours to knit? Even better!

The first glove didn’t turn out as well as I liked- it was too large. The second (the pair of the first) was just right but I still had to fix the first one. I took pictures of the next pair I knitted- the yarn was different so it ended up a little smaller than I wanted but my mother suggested small was better since yarn stretches anyway!

Behold, the fingerless glove by Kanra

I’ve been given a suggestion to knit the fingers too but that’s a little tricky and not something I’m comfortable trying yet! For now, I’m knitting another pair (this time it’s black!). I was thinking about making it a little longer (up to the middle of the arm) but again, I don’t think I’ve mastered this project yet! Nevertheless, I’m really glad I finally found a project that is simple, easy and can be varied from glove to glove. I definitely recommend this for beginners like me!

Have a nice day!


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