One Year Blog Anniversary!

That’s right! It’s 6th December, bringing the first year of The Lunar Descent to a close! There’s a couple of ways to celebrate this one year anniversary, so I’ll try pulling together as many interesting things as I can!

The Lunar Descent is most certainly not my first blog and will probably not be my last. My first blogs were all messes that could not last even three months. Next came “the emo wolverine writes”- the blog still exists as I am using the URL but the name and face has changed. The emo wolverine writes is the predecessor of the Lunar Descent, the content and style is mostly the same but with the Lunar Descent, I try to take a more serious role. The Lunar Descent is not a dump file for all the pictures I take on trips, it is not for abstract soliloquies that make sense only to me. I write here to reach out to you, the reader, and expand both of our horizons.

On this blogging journey, I have made a variety of friends, the first and foremost would probably by Kashaf- thanks for dragging me into this virtual world. She was a regular blogger and as much as I admired it, I could not find the same motivation to write- not for a few years at least. We even tried to write a joint blog, one that remains a speck in the digital sea and has not been updated for quite a long time. That blog too was quite abstract and it took several more attempts before the emo wolverine writes was made. The first friends I made would be Tiger Lilly and Maine Lyn before I stumbled on Teenage Blogger Central and found myself a new blogger gang with F, Envy Fisher, Bryleigh McCarty and Riley. It didn’t take long for #spacepoliceradio to be born either, with a wonderful addition of Katyayani, Shubhaish and Dian!

The point of this is to say that blogging has opened a new sphere of social media for me- one that is not as flimsy as friendships forged on Facebook (those tend to be non-existent), Twitter or tumblr. I have enjoyed my experience blogging and I hope to continue- not just for myself but for all of you as well.

Before moving on to the future, it’s only fair to give a glance to the past. I present to you my favorite posts of 2015 and your favorite posts of 2015!

Maybe the game is just popular, but you guys seemed to have liked this post too, despite the horrible rating I gave to it and the overall frustration I described about playing this game!
Another popular blog post where I wrote about how the seemingly hardest module was going. My favorite part of this post was definitely the letter to the cadaver that I shared!
This is definitely my favorite blog post. I spent a lot of time drawing these little Jerkweens and I had a lot of fun making up the acronyms! I’d say that How to turn Your Life into a Pakistani Drama: The Jerk Mom Edition comes close, but falls behind on my list 🙂
I poured my soul into writing this post and I feel like it came out pretty well! I just really wanted to condense what I learned in this first year and if I could send a letter to the me of a year ago, this blog post would have been it.
This is my favorite post in terms of photographs. The commentary on the year of 2014 and my personal achievement only serve to complement the photographs and I can see myself flipping back to this post every now and then.
Well, that’s all for this post! If you’re interested in giveaways and other awesome stuff, you can always join A Little Yarn Blossom’s 2nd blog anniversary giveaway
There’s also a blogger event that is on it’s first stages- it’s like a secret gift event, to a blogger, from a blogger. Interested? Comment your enthusiasm here to join!
Have a great week!

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