My Favorite YouTubers #1

There are a variety of things I do on the internet to amuse myself with and one of my favorite pastimes is to watch playlists on YouTube. At first, YouTube was banned in Pakistan, thanks to anti-Islamic movies that YouTube was hosting. In an effort to condemn it, the government of Pakistan decided to ban the website. I have no idea why YouTube is back, but I certainly am not complaining!

With such a vast community on YouTube, it’s only fair that I dedicate one post to each of the people who created videos that I enjoy watching. There is a lot of effort and creativity that goes into creating quality content. I know because I’ve tried to make my own videos at least three times and I quit at each attempt because Windows Movie Maker kept corrupting my video files…

(In case you’re interested, the first movie I tried to make and quit at was a short five-minute skit my friends I were making for a movie competition. We had spent an entire day outside, filming ourselves. When I tried to turn it into a coherent movie, my files kept corrupting on the program and we ended up backing out of the competition. The second movie I didn’t make was a vlog about bazaars and general shopping in Pakistan. I had spent a good two hours walking around Mangal Bazaar with a big camera in my hands, making a video about the general atmosphere of the market. I had planned on narrating the video but needless to say, that failed too. The last attempt was another shot at the movie competition. Again, Windows Movie Maker kept corrupting my files and someone else made the movie. It was a good attempt, but there was absolutely no background music so the silences between conversations was devastating and the glitch when videos switched was awfully obvious…)

So when I say that I appreciate someone’s videos, I really do appreciate them! Making even a simple video is hard work!

Alright, so this series I’m writing is in no particular order, I just write about whichever YouTuber I happen to be liking at the time. So it’s not very surprising that the first person I decide to write about- that’s right-

I’ve ranted about one of his playlists about SCP Containment Breach before, so I’m guessing most of my readers get the gist of what kind of videos he makes. Basically, he records himself playing video games. Now that might sound rather ridiculous like “why would you record yourself playing a game” or “who would even watch this” but these questions would be answered once you start watching his videos because 1. recording yourself playing a game for the first time is actually pretty fun and 2. you’re the one watching it.

Personally, I like watching Markiplier play horror games. There is something inherently fascinating about watching someone play a horror game as a spectator- not only do you get to see the horror game for yourself but you also get a partner when it comes to screaming incoherently at the screen, something you would probably appreciate if you get involved enough in the game.

Another reason why I like watching these game plays is because I don’t get time to play these games myself, I would probably rage-quit and never get to see the end and besides, watching someone else play sounds much more efficient when it comes to time management. (Markiplier’s voice and commentary is a plus-point too).

The play-throughs I’ve watched so far are SCP Containment Breach, Five Night’s at Freddy’s, Undertale, Knock Knock and Curse of Blackwater, not to mention his one video on Dota 2. Most of the games I listed are horror because like I said before, I find it amusing to watch him scream and panic when faced with the monsters. Games are not the only things he posts though, there are comedy videos and other random things he posts (which I haven’t exactly seen yet because there are sooo many game videos I haven’t seen yet!) and those really emotional milestone videos he makes. He has this way of conveying this feeling of importance to his viewers and I think that’s pretty amazing.

Overall, Markiplier is THE YouTuber I end up watching after a long day at med school and when I just want to rewind and relax. I’ve also managed to convert Envy Fisher into the Markiplier fandom, so if you give Markiplier a chance, you’ll probably end up in the fandom just like us.

So what kind of YouTube videos do you watch? Have you seen Markiplier’s videos? Who are your favorite YouTubers? Comment below and I’ll check them out!


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