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So I figured I should kind of tell you guys more about the kind of random things I do. For example, I usually stuck to a normal, grey messenger bag but the problem with that bag was that every time I put it on the shelf outside the library, it would disappear. Imagine looking for a dark grey bag in a little corner of shelves, filled with bags and it’s not exactly the brightest place you’ve ever been to. People tended to assume my bag was owned by a male student and therefore, could be tossed out of the shelf and onto the ground to fit in, oh I don’t know, a particularly feminine looking bag?

I put up with this three times, each time I’d been close to tears, convinced my bag had been stolen and would I really have to lug these books around in my arms all day? I’d had to dig through piles of bags on the floor to find mine always on the very bottom. Talk about rude people, throwing bags out of their shelves.
So anyway, back to the point. I decided to bring this bag out again (I’m pretty sure most of you probably saw this before because I bought it last year and had posted about it) and I figured I’d share what it was that I usually carry around.
But in case you guys can’t remember it, I’ll share another picture here, although you can also find the blogpost I’m talking about over here.
Okay so it might look pretty and decent but this bag kind of gave me a hard time. First of all, the books I take with me and bring back are pretty big, such that it’s almost impossible to zip the bag shut. As a result, I’m often walking around with the bag wide open and things literally spilling out of it and while I might look like some sort of cool person with a bag of chaos, I really don’t like the headache of worrying about anything that I might have lost. For example, my keys and my favorite pencil slid out of my bag and onto the tarmac road when I was getting inside the taxi.
Apart from that, when I do carry my books in my bag, the straps have a tendency to snap. So I ended up using key rings to hold it together because I just can’t be bothered to go buy a new bag, there’s just too much work involved in going to the bazaar and wandering the shops and having a 70% chance of not finding anything you like, which is awfully high. So yes, I’ve pretty much been dragging this bag of problems around and it pretty much sums up quite a bit about me.
As you can see here, I throw in a lot of junk. There are keys and a lock for my locker. My locker is usually empty and unlocked and I don’t really use it, ever, because the locker is too far away from my classes and I don’t like going all the way to the basement just to pick up or deposit something from my locker. So I only use it to keep my bag inside when I’m having an exam. I also don’t like taking my pencil pouch in and out of the bag so that’s why I keep a standard arsenal in the coat of my pocket consisting of a highlighter, a pen, a pencil and a colorful pointer. Oh and that yellow box is my lunch box which I will introduce you to at the end.
Okay so these three are standard things I will be carrying with me everywhere. Initially I used to carry my wallet around too but then I realized it wasn’t very efficient- I didn’t need my wallet every day and it was a hassle keeping my eye on it in case someone tried to take a swipe. So I’ll just start out by introducing my pencil pouch.

It’s a mess really. All those candy wrappers you see there are empty because I ate all of them and shoved the wrappers in the only place I could for the moment. Then there are little sticky notes, a bunch of colored felt-tip pens, three highlighters (yellow&pink are Sharpie, orange is Schneider), the there are two pencils I carry for histology drawings (haemotoxylin and eosin pencils), then because I love the color purple, there’s a specifically purple ink pen. At the side you can see the usual ball-points I carry and a pair of headphones I barely use.

Net up is my owl planner. It’s actually just a normal looking notebook of a decent size I got from Walmart during their school sale. Anyway, I’ve divided it and everything myself and this is the only page that looks aesthetically pretty because of the pink. I was a little stressed that week so that explains the big pink text on the side. Otherwise it’s usually like this.

So that’s the planner. The last, most essential thing I carry in my bag is my notes. As you guys must have noticed, I have a different notebook for every module, especially since every module is usually about an entire organ system. The current module I’m in is called Endocrinology and Reproduction, so there’s a lot of physiology and anatomy involved.

This on the other hand is a page about biochemistry, or more specifically, synthesis of steroid hormones which includes adrenalcortical hormones like glucocorticoids and cortisol as well as sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Anyway, this looks like a small notebook but I’ve managed to fill it up with all my notes, save the ones I missed when I had gone to Karachi. I don’t really write anatomy notes though because anatomy is mostly pictures and my book already has concise information about clinical applications.

The notebook itself is SIST (Shifa Inter-Scholastic Tournament) merchandise I got last year in 2015. I ended up using this one for academic purposes because I ended up with two of these notebooks, one from my father and the other from the SIST team since I had volunteered for the event and helped organize some of it. While this one has been fully utilized for Endocrinology and Reproduction, the other has been used for blogging purposes ;D

Here’s my lunchbox! Don’t laugh! It’s very cute! I’d like to see any of you carry something like this around! Anyway, my mother had bought four of these boxes for each of us, yellow, blue, pink, and green. Sometimes I get the yellow the one and sometimes the pink one.

Last but not least comes all the random things in my bag. There’s chewing gum, sanitizer, notes I wrote on small bits of paper for revision, and my locker keys! These are the things I end up needing occasionally so they’re usually placed in the side pockets for easy access.


Well, that’s mostly the interesting things in my bag! I didn’t even talk about the books that I have to lug around- textbooks of physiology, anatomy, biochemistry and histology! Perhaps I could talk about them in another post, what do you say?

Have a nice day!

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