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If I had an editor for this blog, it would probably be my brother. That’s right, as sarcastic and mildly annoying as he could get, he’s the one who occasionally asks “So how are your page views going?” or “Did you get any new followers yet?”. When I give him an often disappointing answer, he takes it upon himself to educate me about how to properly blog.

Despite not being a blogger himself.
Among the questions he asked me, in order to find out why my blog was fluctuating so much in terms of stats, was “Why do you blog? What’s your end goal?”. At first, I was stumped. I said “Because I like blogging!”
That was a scattered answer, according to him, and motivation like that deserved scattered views and follows. The longer I tried staying offended, the more sense it made. What kind of pilot was I for the Lunar Descent if I didn’t even know where I was headed? Or what kind of painter was I if I just mindlessly threw paint on the canvas? Sure, I might end up with discovering new islands or create a masterpiece, but is that really what I want to be doing the rest of the time? Just wandering and discovering aimlessly? Even getting lost and losing a lot of other things in the process?
In times like this, it’s a great idea to turn to the other great bloggers out there and see where their compasses are pointed at. Here’s the question I put forth to everyone: 
Why do you blog? What is the goal you are working towards?

I blog because it makes me happy. It’s fun, and I love to entertain others.
To be honest, the goals I have for my blog could be a never- ending list. 100 followers. Designing loads of other blogs.
To expand my blogging community. It’s very on – going XD.

I’ve always seen blogging as a mean of sharing: sharing your thoughts, your opinions, your experiences, the new recipes you try, or a DIY project… It really is all about sharing, and I thought it would be nice to join this community and add my bit of sand to this infinite sharing platform.
Of course, we all get worried about the numbers at some point during our blogging careers but, it really is not that important. I know it would be nice to have a lot of daily views like those successful bloggers but, as long as someone finds a post of mine useful, helpful, or enjoyable, I’m happy.
I joined the blogging community to share my experiences, my thoughts, my advices – and I’m going to keep it that way. I want to share with my readers, some of them who have become blogging friends already, all of my knowledge so they can benefit from it, as I’m going to benefit from theirs by reading their blogs.
I haven’t yet set a quantifiable goal for my blog. In the mean time, I’m just going to keep working on it and see how things go. Until then, let’s keep the knowledge flowing 🙂

I’d be lying if I told you that I had any actual intentions when I began to blog. My blog started off as a bit of a silly schoolgirly hobby – if you read my oldest posts, you’ll see that I liked to basically just ramble about whatever I could think of. It was a tiny outlet, like a sort of virtual diary to rant to.
After a year or so of slowly blogging a few times a month, I discovered that I could write. No, it wasn’t like I had a sudden realisation of the fact that I’m literate, but instead, I sort of found that writing prose poetry and short stories was something that I enjoyed. When I began to receive comments from other people – ranging from my parents to strangers across the world – I realized that other people enjoyed reading my words as much as I enjoyed writing them.
I suppose that this mutual enjoyment is why I blog. Writing online means that I can receive honest feedback from people, and give them honest feedback on their work too. I like this give-and-take system. It spurs me on to read and write more.
My blog has let me practice writing more than I would’ve done if I didn’t have it. It’s given me the confidence and the links to submit to some online magazines. I’d like to think of my blog as an online portfolio so that I can look back on my writing and see how much I’ve improved. Who knows, I might even pursue writing later on!

A really important that Salha and Cia mentioned was sharing. While Salha talked of sharing new ideas and experiences, Cia talked of sharing writing so you could get feedback and improve. A lot of the things I write in my blog are ideas and events that I feel would be interesting to share with people who don’t ordinary live the kind of life I do. I mean, really, how many of you decide to take a break from school every now and then to go out to eat gol gappay? You might not have ever even known about gol gappay, but you certainly do now!

I also aspire to be a writer. While I did promise to share some of my writing here (writing which ironically doesn’t exist yet because I haven’t had time to do anything) it was mostly for your feedback, and I certainly do get feedback, which I am grateful for.

To sum up, I think it can be aptly said that a lot of us blog for our personal growth, whether it’s by being helped by fellow bloggers, or helping out fellow bloggers. Isn’t that a really great thing to keep on blogging for? So what are your views- why do you blog?


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