Endocrinology and Reproduction

At first, when this year started, I was so pumped, you wouldn’t even believe it. It hadn’t even been a month since I’d given my first year exams and a week after the new year, I’d gotten my outstanding result. So imagine me, with these really cool shades on, standing on the bloodied pile of my slain enemies as I relish on my achievements and gloat over my accomplishment while shaking my sword at the onslaught of second year of med school-

Yeah that’s actually pretty accurate….

The thing was, I was so sure I could handle everything. I’d dealt with LMS and I’d slaughtered CVS while vacationing in the States but that’s the thing about med school. Whether you know it or not, you’re always drowning….

This module lasted for about 2 months, the first month being all about endocrinology which included all the hormones like growth hormone and insulin, except for epinephrine and norepinephrine. The second month was all about the other hormones, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.

Nothing very interesting happened, but here’s a wrap up of things that did:

I passed first year!
I wrote out my resolutions.
I went to Karachi!
I read a few books! Like, two!
I wrote this great post for people getting into med school.
I had gol gappay! (post coming soon)
I volunteered at SIST 2016 and got to eat lots and lots of cupcakes! (post coming soon)

There’s a lot of other things that happened too that I could write about, like the earthquake or the exams I gave. I’ve also been thinking about dabbling into writing again too- and you must’ve guessed it right- my alley would definitely be the horror genre. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I really want to read something that would terrify me and I haven’t found anything like that yet.

I mean, there are definitely some great books out there that make me terrified for the characters, but I want a book that would come to life and plague me with nightmares. So I’ve been thinking up of a couple of ideas and things to mash together and maybe start crafting something. I’ll think about sharing some of it here, if any of you would be interested xD

This post was meant to be about my module though!

I’ll be honest about it, I lagged behind a LOT in this module and I have no idea how I raced around to cover everything up. There were moments where I would have an entire chapter- (the anatomy of the reproductive system for both male and females and I STILL haven’t done female reproductive anatomy properly yet) just floating around and I’m busy trying to stay on track with the rest of my class. I managed it though, I have no idea how but I somehow managed it. Now the ability of my management will come to light when the result gets here…

As soon as this module was over, I thought I’d stay at home and relax a bit but it hasn’t even been a day and I’ve got an email with all the details for the next module: Neurosciences, the seven headed hydra who is a legendary champion of slaying 50% of all medical students ever. In an effort to stay nimble on my feet, I have to make a choice: should I relax this weekend with impending doom shadowing my conscience or shall I polish my sword and make haste towards this enemy?

I just really love dramatizing my adventures in med school 😀


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