What World Hijab Day Means To Me

So, today is World Hijab Day. It doesn’t exactly mean anything to me, despite wearing a head scarf and an abaya but I realized it should mean something to me. So when this invitation went floating around the internet, I thought about going and seeing what it was all about.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to go. So instead of writing about that, I figured I should do my research and share with you guys what World Hijab Day is about and why it should mean something to me.

So World Hijab Day was started on the 1st of February, 2013. The main purpose was to get non-Muslim women to wear the hijab for a day so they could understand that it is not a symbol of oppression. Now I don’t expect you guys to start wearing a hijab for a day to see what it’s like (although that would be pretty cool) but I could tell you what wearing a hijab is like for me.

First of all, I can’t even imagine going outside my house without something over my head. Telling me to take off my scarf is like asking someone to take off their shirt- they’d be very likely to give you deadpan stares and quite possibly end up punching you if you insist. The idea of walking down the street without this simple piece of cloth is simply impossible.

Secondly, I think I look better in a scarf. For real! Whenever I try taking a picture of myself, scarf pictures have only a 50% chance of being deleted while without headscarf pictures have a 90% chance of being deleted. Look at the stats, that’s quite the difference!

Thirdly, wearing a headscarf makes you stand out. One day you might be wearing pink, another day you might be wearing blue, and maybe green another day. For the record, I have a lot of pinks. I should show you my pink scarf collection. And apart from the colors, there are so many styles and accessories you can add. I have lots of studded hijab pins and I bought a necklace specifically for a headscarf and I even keep a Pinterest board for everything.

There’s like SO MANY styles of wearing a hijab! So many different kinds of ways to drape the scarf around and a variety of pins to use and other things you can add. So whoever says wearing a hijab is oppressive clearly hasn’t seen the immense fashion potential this has!
Some other points to mention are that you don’t have to worry about bad hair days. Alright, so you might have an occasional bad hijab day but those are really rare. As rare as perhaps, a bad outfit day. Which sounds pretty rare to me.
So what does World Hijab Day mean to me? It means I get to share with you guys how amazing wearing a headscarf is and to convince you that Muslim women are not oppressed by wearing this when they do so out of their free will! Do you have any further questions you’d like to ask? Leave them below in the comments!
Have a nice day!

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