Why I Don't Like Cats or Dogs

Pets are something that are often considered a part of childhood. A lot of the people reading this have probably had a pet at one point in time, whether it was a stray cat who ate dinner scraps or a frog you caught outside after the rain. While I personally like the idea of pets, there is no animal that I would like to keep as my own. None.

The very first pet I had was a fish. I remember my dad calling home one day and asking what my favorite color was. I don’t remember if he mentioned the fish or not, but it was a red Siamese fighting fish, the first of four or five that would live in our house. The thing about Siamese fighting fish is that, well, they’d very much like to kill each other. Therefore, separate bowls for each. Now there weren’t four bowls- just two. Whenever one died, another came in. I don’t even remember how they would die- the fish were part of the 5-10 year old period of my life that I spent in Florida.


Now when it came to cleaning the fish bowls, I would back out and my brother would be the one cleaning the bowls, and he really liked picking up the fish and holding it. Being a fan of Finding Nemo, I could literally hear the fish gasping for air- I mean, water- and that’s when I decided I couldn’t possible clean a fish tank.

During the whole fish episodes, we also had little froglet episodes. Now the thing about Florida is that during the summers, it would rain on a really tight schedule. As soon as the clock struck 4, you knew it was going to rain and it was going to rain hard. Lasting for an hour or so, the sun would come right back out and it was back to looking like a sunny beach day.

The Florida house. We call it “Blue Home” because well, it’s blue and it’s home 🙂

So our house had a little depression of sorts in the lawn where the water would pile up and there were a bunch of small teeny tiny tadpoles. Can you guess what my fish holding brother did? He got a yogurt cup and filled it with tadpoles and kept it in the garage, wanting to see how they would grow into frogs. Not surprisingly, they didn’t.

The dog incident happened after the fishes and before the tadpoles. I think I was 7 or 8 and we lived in a different house which had a cul-de-sac ending to the street and we lived right at the end. So outside the driveway, there was a perfectly big circle of tarmac, great for riding your bike around and not getting dizzy, which was exactly what I was probably doing when the neighbor’s dog decided to join me. Oh, how I screamed and pedaled for my life! Their dog was really big, and much faster but it thought we were playing so it would run fast enough to snap at my heels and bark. I pedaled all the way up the driveway where my father was and literally jumped into his arms in terror. I think the dog wanted to jump too but then its owner made their appearance and apologized. Nevertheless, traumatized for life. I can not handle dogs at all.

When we came to Pakistan, the first pet we got were a pair of chickens with feathers on their feet. I’m just going to call them feather feet chickens. So at first, they were really small and we used to live on the first floor, so we’d keep them in their cage and let them out occasionally on the terrace. It was fun catching them and everything but it certainly wasn’t fun when they’d poop on the floor. One had yellow-orange eyes while the other had greenish blue ones. When they got really big- too big to fit in their cage, we had to give them away. I wasn’t too sad to see them go, those chickens really had scary looking talons under their feathers >.>

A feather-foot chick. They look cute now, but see them when they’re all grown up.  Source.

I spent two years in Karachi and during those two years, there were occasional visits to my cousin’s place. They had adopted a street cat and called it ‘Momo’. Momo was the kind of cat who frolicked in and out of the house and had an uncanny tendency to slip in and out from between your legs or into your lap. The whole feeling of something brushing you was so foreign to me that I usually took it as a bad stimulus, often jumping a foot high and darting out of the place. It didn’t help that I’ve been scratched by a cat before, so I’m generally not okay with cats either. Being a cat lady is totally out of the question.

The only conclusion I’ve reached is that perhaps I should just settle for a turtle. Turtles sound great- they won’t escape, like snakes, and they won’t be hard to catch, like lizards. Yes, perhaps I should be a turtle lady- just like the guy in Esio Trot!

Do you have any pets? What do you like about keeping an animal friend?

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