Anger Management: Chill Out!

Have you watched Disney Pixar’s latest movie “Inside Out”? How many of you remember the character known as Anger, who quite literally was on fire every time he got mad? He doesn’t seem like the kind of emotion you’d like to have out all that often, no one would really like you at all! That’s why a lot of us have gotten good at masking our anger in public. You won’t find yourself yelling at your friend for breaking your favorite pen or accidentally hitting you on the back too hard. But come home and you’ll automatically have your grumpy face on, ready to take out your grievances!

Home certainly is the place to relax, but does blowing off steam like that really make things right? Absolutely not! Here are some tips you can try to apply to your life and stay cool!

Tip #1: Say Audhubilah
Audhubillah means “I seek shelter with Allah (from Satan)” since it’s literally Satan’s job to fill you with negative energy! By saying this (with understanding!) you call out Satan directly on his mind games and tell him to just stop it. You don’t need this kind of energy in your life!

Tip #2: Stay Quiet!

Tip #3: Sit down!

Tip #4: Mind over Matter

Tip #5: Be Strong!
Strength doesn’t mean to mow people down with your arguments! True strength is when you are really mad and you control yourself at the height of your emotions. After all, is it easy to calm down when you’re just about ready to explode? If you can conquer your anger, you can conquer the world!

Tip #6: Take a Selfie!

Tip #7: Make Wudhu
Wudhu is basically the act of purification where you wash your face, arms and feet. Anger is an emotion associated with fire, what better way to combat anger than with nice cold water? Go on, splash some water on your face and cool down.

Tip #8: Lahawla wala Quwwata Illa Billah
“There is no power or strength except though Allah”. Most of the time, people get angry when their authority is challenged, like when someone tells you you’re wrong or scolds you. By declaring that power and authority comes only from Allah, you’re cancelling out any anger that may stem from placing unjust authority on yourself!

Tip #9: Talk of Peace
Now that you’ve calmed down, what about the person you were arguing with? Just speak nicely to them- don’t bring up your argument and make your exit fast! You don’t want to reignite their anger by accident! Say hello, how’re you doing and move on! The other person will appreciate how you have gotten over the argument and they will too!

Tip #10: Forgive and Forget

I hope some of these tips were applicable to managing your anger! And don’t be afraid to admit that you do have little fits of rage- anger is a very human emotion and believe it or not, if channeled properly, anger can actually be the source of a lot of positive energy! Anger can help you reach heights that no one thought you’d be able to reach, anger can help you get things started when no one else will help you and anger can help you stay steadfast on your morals when no one else supports you!

All you have to do is tame your anger.


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