Cooking Adventures: Who Ate All The Custard?

Before I jump in, I just want to let you guys know that I am not a fan of cooking. I have this irrational fear that everything I make will have an extra tablespoon of salt or be under cooked or perhaps burnt and the most terrifying bit about that is that I’d probably have to eat my own cooking mess and so that’s why, I don’t really like to cook, or bake for that matter.

So I had had a week off for spring break from med school and at first, my father said “cook lunch every day” and I was flabbergasted at the Herculean task assigned to me. Fortunately, I always ended with somehow smuggling through the deadlines and having something else to show for it- some crochet, some painting, some fruit salad and other easier things. Of course, you can’t run away forever and my mother suggested that I could make some custard and that it would be really easy for me to do. Here is my Custard Adventure!

Here are your necessary ingredients (weapons of battle):
3 cups of milk
7 tablespoons of sugar
6 tablespoons of custard powder
3-4 slices of bread cake
1 apple, banana and other fruits of your choice
Jelly powder, your choice of quantity

First off, boil the milk. Add the sugar and keep stirring. Taste to check if it is super sweet because that’s what we’re aiming for.

Add custard powder to half a cup of cold water and stir until you get a consistent thick liquid. Pour this liquid into the boiling milk in a thin stream while stirring the milk. We don’t want to pour in too much and get thick glob of custard in the milk.

In your desired dish, line the bottom with slices of bread cake and pour just enough custard mixture to cover the slices.

Let the rest of the mixture remain in the pot and cool while you cut your apples, bananas and other fruits into small slices.

Add these slices to the custard dish.

Pour the rest of the cooled mixture on top of the sliced fruits.

For topping the custard, you can make jelly. Just follow the instructions on the box. I had two different types of jelly, both of which were half packets so I poured both jelly crystals into a cup of boiling water, stirred until the crystals were gone and poured it into a mold to cool.

The jelly crystals I used were green (banana) and red (strawberry). The resulting jelly was a deep reddish brown and tasted just great with the custard!

I was done with all the stove business, I placed all the results on the table so it could cool down- the custard was still hot and the jelly was still liquid. Putting it in the fridge is an idea too but placing such hot things directly in could end up spoiling the other inhabitants of the refrigerator.

I poured the jelly into deep plates because I was going to just cut the jelly into slices and cover the top of the custard. The mold I needed was a thick sheet of jelly.

We (my sister, my father and I) took the custard to my grandmother’s house and everyone had custard there. All my little cousins really liked it and it was so satisfying to ask them “Did you like the custard?” and their little faces going “YES!”. Anyway, we spent two hours there before coming back home and my little brother (who has stayed at home) asked the big question.
Is there any custard left?

I think you know exactly what the answer was 🙂

Are you someone who enjoys cooking? What kind of things do you like to make? Are there any easy recipes that you could share with me as I continue with my escapades into the realm of cooking? Have a nice day!!


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