The Martian

From an aesthetic point of view, there are two types of environments that are absolutely my favorites. Space and underwater. Both of themes tend to run heavily through my blog and on various other devices. My blog is called The Lunar Descent while it plays the Pacific Rim theme. My laptop sports a shark themed wall paper while my phone has a night sky. So it’s really no surprise that I was really interested in watching this film- the Martian which is really all about space.

The Martian is basically a science fiction movie about the future of space travel, where humans have gotten to the point of travelling to Mars. Due to unfortunate incidents and events, one man from the Mars space mission gets stranded on Mars- Mark Watney, botanist.

You might think that the movie is really slow, considering how it’s all about how this one man will survive on the deserted planet all by himself, and it is slow, but the movie focuses on the really interesting bits like how he has to survive on limited food, where he was getting his energy from, how he planned on using his knowledge of botany to expand his food resources. I also really liked how things from inside NASA were shown- the Jet Propulsion Lab, the Control Center in Houston, the Launch Pad at Cape Canaveral. I just love it when we get to see science (H2+O2=H2O!!) as well as structure.

According to my brother, who is nine years old, the movie had quite a share of swear words, so I guess that’s a negative point to the movie, which could be disregarded since everything else is so great. I didn’t watch this in 3D but I think it would have been a great experience- even better if it was 4D.

Overall I’d give this film a rating of 4.5/5 stars. It’s about a two hour long movie so it’ll definitely take a big chunk of your time, nevertheless, it’s really enjoyable. If you’re interested in seeing the terrifying bit of space travel or the feeling of helplessness despite science then this movie is definitely for you! I wouldn’t rewatch this two hour film, but I’d definitely suggest it to other people!

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