Game Review: Infinity Blade 3

Back with another game review! This time it’s Infinity Blade III, the third and final game of the Infinity Blade trilogy. A game launched for iOS, Infinity Blade is just so awesome on so many different levels, that I’m surprised it hasn’t been launched on Android officially.

Categorized as a role playing game, Infinity Blade is about, as you guessed it, blades and combat. I haven’t played the first two games and this third game was downloaded when it was put up for free in the iOS Appstore for a day. It is otherwise a paid game and I cannot comment on it’s story and lore background.

Okay, so I’ll review this game with pros and cons. I’ll start off with the pros.

Amazing graphics. It’s a 3D game and the camera pans around the scenery to take full advantage of it. The areas range from deserts to deserted ruins to rocky mountains and strongholds. My favorite scene must be the temple where it drizzles- gazing towards the sky causes droplets to land and roll down your screen just as it would for real.

Fight controls. To be honest, it’s amazing. You swipe the screen and Siris (or Isa, depending on which of the two characters you control now) responds by swinging their blade in the same direction. With this swiping, you can parry the enemy by hitting in the same direction or you could cut down hit points while the enemy is too distracted to defend themselves. There is also the option of blocking, but that too has to be done in the right direction. To win a fight, you have to be able to gauge where the blows will be coming from, from the stance and movement of the enemy.

Soundtracks and cut scenes. The music is great, it’s an absolute treat to plug in your headphones and listen as you play. The cut scenes are so well made, it feels like you’re watching a movie with the added detail of the characters having voices. The story line is a little hard to follow if you haven’t got the back story from the previous game, but the story line is not very complicated.

Now for the cons. I’ve only thought up of like, two.

There’s a steep learning curve. You need fast reflexes and if you can’t handle the game mechanism, chances are you can’t clear the game. Personally, I think I’m a bit of a slow reactor, so I had a tough time on bosses. I couldn’t clear most of them until I had rerun the stage so many times that my character was way above the level needed to clear the boss. Or I just gave the game to my brother who wouldn’t need as much of an effort.

The size and demand of the game. 3GB is an awful lot of storage taken up, not to mention the fast battery drainage. With a game that looks good enough to be played on a large screen, it’s no surprise that your phone is just barely able to handle it.

To sum up, game is just absolutely beautiful and if you get the chance to play it yourself, DO IT. This was a game that you wouldn’t expect to be so good and available on a phone!

What kind of games have you been playing on your phone these days? Any specific type that you prefer? Have a nice day!


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