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Hello everyone! Is it just me or is PicMonkey giving a lot of trouble these days? It won’t launch properly, as a result I’ve had to try out a new site. BeFunky is a bit like PicMonkey and so far, it seems pretty easy to use considering it was my first time. They’ve even got this really neat font style where letters are outlined. I recommend you to check BeFunky out- and now to the post!

I’m the kind of person who would rarely be found without my phone. It’s got a ton of things I need to use throughout the day, whether it’s checking up on my academics, my emails, my social media or just playing games. It also turns out to be a great time waster too- top of the list when it comes to ways to procrastinate!

So, first things first. My current lock screen is a wallpaper of a night sky in New York City. I found it while browsing through tumblr and ended up collecting quite a few imaged I could use. Of course I picked the best one to use first and so far, I haven’t changed it at all. I like it because it’s really soothing to look at it and it’s also better than putting my face on there instead.
I realize a lot of people- especially girls- tend to put their own pictures up on the lock screens and wallpapers, but it just seems a little narcissistic to me. I mean, sure, if anyone picks up your phone, they’ll know who’s it is, but most people don’t let their phones out of their hands, let alone their sights. It’s just basically you looking at your face more than 50 times a day.

Here’s the main screen where most of the important things are gathered like the Calendar (not used very much), the Clock (how else to wake yourself up everyday?) Contacts (because I can’t remember anyone’s number except my own), Photos (blogging purposes), Settings (for when the WiFi randomly disconnects), App Store (maybe used once a month to get a new app), Weather (once a month, it’s just here cause it’s blue), DropBox (considering to be used for blogging purposes), Adobe Acrobat (for academic lecture slides and PDFs), Evernote (blogging and note taking), iBooks (academic purposes) and Maps (it’s blue).

The main tray on the other hand has the solid essentials- Phone, Mail, Messages and Camera. It’s there for easy access and lets me see about immediate things I should know about- missed calls, emails, texts to reply. (It looks like I’m really bad at replying to texts but that’s because I read them from the notifications center and answer there without going to the messages section at all. So any texts that don’t need to be replied to are all piled up. Quite a few are promotional texts from my service providers as well as general advertisements about sales etc).

I only have two screens to switch between- having more doesn’t seem very necessary to me. This one has a lot of things piled together. There’s Timeful, a really nice time organizing app that I had been frequently using in first year. It’s basically like the iPhone Calendar, but it’s mostly for every day informal use, like developing little habits and setting small reminders. It was a really nice app and although I stopped using it when exams rolled around (this app requires a lot of maintenance, since you have to plan out your day) but I really want to get back into shape. Next up is Inkling, an educational app linked to most of my medical textbooks. You know how it works- scratch the code in your book and get the virtual copy of it in your phone. It’s really nice but I haven’t been using it regularly- I have two other books I have yet to load into Inkling but it’s just not that necessary for me. Perhaps this app would be more useful on a tablet. Quizlet is all about making flashcards. I was using it regularly in first year and I had promised to use it again in second year but it just hasn’t happened yet… My lack of enthusiasm is probably because the flashcards are a little dull- you can’t add pictures. alQuran is another app that took forever to find- it’s got Quranic texts with translation and you can download recitations for listening to offline. It’s really useful and I would recommend everyone to have this (if you’d like it, I mean). 

I’ve lumped the rest of the apps into folders. Useless Apples is home to all of the useless Apple apps that I can’t delete and just clutter my phone. Productivity is a misnomer- a lot of things in there I don’t really use. Social has all the media apps, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Tumblr. You’ll notice there’s no Facebook and that’s because Facebook is not that useful for me. I’ve installed Buffer though, and its a really useful app for blogging. It basically queues posts for social media accounts. I’ve hooked it up to my twitter and facebook at the moment.

Chrome is just too important to be categorized- I need it to be on hand for browsing (and checking facebook). The last icon you see is for a game I’m currently in to called Summoner’s War. I’m planning to review, just like how I reviewed Clash of Clans, so keep your eyes peeled!

What apps do you have on your phone? Do you use all the apps you’ve installed? Does your home screen reflect what kind of person you are? Have a nice day!


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