Before Civil War: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Civil War has been released (not in my country yet) and it would not be a tall tale if I said it was probably the most heavily anticipated movie this year. Who wouldn’t be excited? It’s got the iconic characters of the 21st century- The Avengers and most importantly, Spider Man.

With all the exciting trailers out and occasional spoilers flooding the internet, I couldn’t help but build a picture of Civil War in my mind. The problem with this exercise is the chance of being disappointed and I’m a little worried about that. The last movie I watched that I felt was mildly disappointing was Godzilla. I don’t know what I had been expecting, but the actual thing had fallen short of it. Perhaps I had been more interested in an actual story line and plot, rather than the digital construction of a gigantic lizard and collapsing cities. Those were pretty cool, no doubt about that, but it was like expecting chocolates and getting a lollipop instead.

At first, I wasn’t very excited about Civil War. I just knew that a Marvel movie was coming out and I had thought I would wait for it’s release and then download it. Of course it would have probably happened a year later (I just recently watched Ant Man and that’s a year old) and I wouldn’t have minded at all. Everything changed when your friendly neighborhood hero swung into the scene.

Spider Man is one of my favorite Marvel heroes. Spider Man 3 was one of the very first movies I watched in the theater. Spider Man is probably the only hero I’ve read comic books of. So of course he’s really special. The latest Spider Man reboot (The Amazing Spider Man) was something I didn’t like very much when compared to the first series of films. Sure, a high school Peter Parker is cool, but is Peter Parker supposed to be cool? He’s supposed to be an unpopular nerd, not a self-satisfied loner. The point is, one major reason to watch Civil War is to see a proper depiction of Spider Man- with an old school Peter Parker and a witty Amazing Spider Man.

The problem? This is a Captain America: Civil War. Not a Spectacular Spider Man movie.

This is turning out to be more of a Spider Man post than a Captain America post. I think you’ve realized what I’m going to be disappointed about. I would walk in to the theater for a minor/side character who would most probably have a screen time of less than 10 minutes. I can’t exactly be mad about it- it’s Captain America’s movie. But I’m going to be disappointed.

When it comes to the Avengers, what I really love is how diverse they are. You have Iron Man, the rational thinker who is super smart and Captain America, the guy who thinks with his heart. There’s Thor, who is there with literally no reason to be in the Avengers other than it being a fun after school club for him. Bruce Banner, the other smart guy who is always angry. Black Widow who is quite seriously, the personification of the spider. Hawkeye, the Katniss Everdeen equivalent in the Marvel Universe- not the most charismatic person there but definitely just as heroic looking as everyone else.

Seeing them banter with each other is alright. Imagining them fighting each other to the death instead of reasonably talking things out like proper adults? Not alright. If Captain America: Civil War does not give decent reasons for why the Avengers have to be torn apart like this, I will be disappointed. Sure, fight scenes are great and everything but if there’s anything that really makes a movie memorable, it’s the story. Stories can be related to. Fight scenes? Not so much.

These were the main two things I keep thinking about when it comes to Captain America: Civil War. I’ll be writing another post about what I actually think about the movie once I watch it. Are you a Marvel fan too? What are your thoughts about Civil War? ((Please, no spoilers!!))


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