Snail Mail: It's A Lot of Fun Getting Letters

It’s the last few days of May and it feels like it’s been gone so quickly! I had a couple of goals set for May and while I haven’t been able to complete all of them, I’m proud of what I’ve done so far! And what have I done so far? Why, I made my first visit to the post office and posted a letter!

I’m a really busy person- sometimes I’m surprised I still blog. I have a hectic university life. Medicine is not an easy degree. There’s always things left to study and there’s no way you can sit back and say “Ah, I’ve finished all my work”. It’s just an endless exercise of reading, whether it’s anatomy or physiology or biochemistry or histology. I usually come home too tired to do much. But it always makes my day when I received something in the mail, which happens occasionally!

Now the problem with receiving mail is that I’ve got to send something back as well. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, there were a couple of things I was over-due on answering and when I got a break of a fantastic four days this week, I decided to sit down and write letters back. I finished one on Thursday night, the second on Saturday morning. My hands were cramped at the end but I was proud of what I did.

Clutching my envelopes, I went to the post office in G-9, Karachi Company. It was my first time going to the regular old post office and my mother offered to come with me.

“I can handle it” I said, more bravely than I felt. After all, I was a big girl wasn’t I? I’m 20!

The post office was empty from the inside and I hurried to one of the counters to ask the woman “Where do I go to post letters?”. She directed me to another line where I had to wait for a bit since someone else was there before me. When my turn came, I offered the letters to the man behind the glass.

“I want to post these” I said, hoping I was loud enough for him to hear. “One to Karachi, one to the Netherlands”

He doesn’t give me any funny looks- perhaps he’s seen people with letters like mine a lot. He looks over the envelopes and says “Write your name and address on them too”

I hastily scribble my name and address on the back. I know it’s for a good reason- in case the letter can’t make it to their destination, at least they can come back to me. I hope that never happens though.

He takes them and says “58 rupees please”. I am personally surprised. 58 rupees seemed like quite a small amount for posting a letter. I’m still hovering at the counter.

“That’s it?” I asked. “What about stamps- do I need any stamps?”

He smiles and he’s probably realized I’m new to this. He stamps one of the letters right in front of me and says “They’re already stamped”

“Oh!” I said, smiling back. This was exciting, my letters were officially posted! “Alright, thank you!”

I walk out of the post office with a spring in my step. I just posted my first letters today and it’s a great accomplishment for me. I had a lot of fun doing every step of it- from planning, to writing, to taping, to posting. I’ve started thinking about making it a monthly event for myself, where I sit down and write letters and post them all together.

Would you be interested in being my pen pal?


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