Art Journal: Hello Dylusions!

So I set up another twitter poll (I love polls and I figured other peoples loved polls too) asking about what kind of blog post you would like to read next. The options were (1) med school shenanigans (2) art journal ramblings (3) reviews of books or movies. Surprisingly, med school shenanigans and art journal ramblings tied together with reviews coming close behind. 
Anyway, I decided to write about my art journal ramblings and was wondering what I could write when I remembered that I asked my father to get me an art journal from his trip to the United States!
Of course, I had thought about the whole process very carefully, having browsed through a couple of online stationary stores, mostly Staples, Walmart and Michaels. I initially found this very journal on Staples, where the site said that this creative journal was only available online. However, shipping would take seven or so days and time was a bit of a commodity at that time.
 I’d link to the store page and all, but apparently I’m not allowed to access them from my server? Which is really weird. Anyway, it was up for about $14 and the dimensions are 5×8 inches. I love the cover (I’m itching to do something on it, but for now, I’m going to leave the dylusions tag on it cause that looks pretty cute too).
Here’s the inside. So the brown cover basically acts like a sort of folder- there’s an envelope on one side to hold random things (I’m probably going to shove all my stickers there) and the actual creative journal on the side. There’s 48 pages of thick cardboard paper- excuse me while I stick my nose in there and smell the pages and touch the papers all over. It’s just so beautiful, I can’t…
I literally cannot wait to get started on this journal? I don’t want to start right away though- like. I want to save it a bit. So what I’m going to do is just doodle on the first page so I could write my name and details there (the first thing you should do when you get a really nice notebook- you stamp your name on it so no one can try to take it). 
For now though, I’m going to be working on my scrap book turned art journal wreck of a pad. I’ll share about it some other day 🙂 It’s just filled with incomplete pages because I can’t make up my mind on how to finish them off- should I draw something or should I put some stickers on? It’s going really well though, so I’m sure I’ll have something great to show when it’s done! I’ll be posting little “work-in-progress” pictures on my Instagram so you can follow me here
Have a nice day!

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