Get Off My Blog! 10 Way To Make Me Hate You (Part One)

Before I start rambling about what you can do to make me hate you, here’s a little disclaimer. I try my best, as a person and as a Muslim to forgive and forget. So far, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it. Even if you do cross one or two of the lines below, I’d probably be okay with it the first time, but if you constantly poke your toe across, well then, good bye.

‘Cause guess what? This is the internet and I can block people and mute them. I can control, to some extent, who can affect me, and who can’t. Of course I’m going to use this privilege, especially when its something I can’t exercise in real life. You could tell me to take criticism and disliked opinions in a responsible, adult fashion but amn’t I already doing that in my life outside the internet? So yes, take your arguments some place else if you don’t want to be blocked or muted…

Here are some thoughts you can express several times in my face and effectively make me hate you.
Muslims are terrorists // Um excuse you? The question here should be not that “are Muslims terrorists” but rather “should I waste my time on this ignorant person on the internet who has nothing better to do than spew half-baked buns of wrong information”. Yes, so if you’re on my twitter timeline or my blogger newsfeed and you’re tossing things like this out, I’m sorry but INSTA-BLOCK.

One Direction is Love, One Direction is Life // I generally don’t have a problem with One Direction but it’s just that there was this one girl in school who was extremely obsessed with them and had the foulest mouth I’d come across in person (pewdiepie and leafyishere don’t really count) hold that thought- there actually might be a contender for the title of “most foul language used in front of Kanra” but let’s not talk about that. Anyway, so all this person talked about was One Direction. There was literally no common ground between her and the average person except One Direction. So I’m really sorry, but if some random boy band- cross that out, some random celebrity or celebrities- are all that your life revolves around, INSTA-MUTE.
Team Peeta, Team Edward, Team Captain America // What do all these have in common? Wonky polygon shaped relationship problems. Which one is the odd one out? Captain America because technically, he’s from a comic book, not a YA book. You know how there are book lovers, book lovers everywhere and wait a second, you’re a book lover too, right? So you decide to go talk to them (we’ve probably read the same books, right? I could talk to a person like that) and you bring up the most common book that everyone must have read- Harry Potter. “Hey you’ve read Harry Potter right, who’s your favorite character?” you ask and you get this crazy answer like “What do you mean, who’s my favorite character? How can you expect me to choose, with Harry being the literal incarnation of his mother’s husband and basically standing for one of the Hogwarts houses while Draco also is the literal incarnation of his mother’s husband, so they’re both similar right- WRONG see Draco is nothing like his mother’s husband and you know why? Cause Draco is weak and that’s what makes him a great character-” and they’re just talking at the speed of light and you put up your hands in this surrender thing and say “Hey, calm down. I have no idea what you’re talking about, can you slow down and repeat it?” and they’re like “Oh my God, you don’t read the Harry Potter books with their commentary and analysis? Ugh, what a fake Harry Potter fan” and they hrmmmppphh and move on to other things. Yeah, so if you do something like this to me, UN-FRIENDED.
You look pretty. Ugly // I get it, sarcasm is the ‘in’ thing for the youth of the 21st century. If you wanna sound witty, smart, sophisticated, say something sarcastic. It’s great most of the time, I love hearing sarcastic things and I say sarcastic things sometimes too. I always try to say something so sarcastic, people can tell I’m joking and it gets a laugh out of the conversation. That’s all fun and nice, right? But what about people who don’t know how to do anything but be sarcastic? Well, I’m really sorry, but I don’t think we can be friends. See, if I have to worry about everything I say to you because I’m afraid you’re going to say something that could possibly hurt my feelings, I’m not going to bother talking at all. And why should I? Why should I initiate conversation with someone who’s only social function is to be sarcastic without a break and tear people apart? UN-FOLLOWED.

Follow For Follow and then Unfollow // Been there, had that done to you? Isn’t that super annoying? I find it really really unprofessional, not to mention rude and uncultured. It’s like making friends with the person next door, passing each other cute gifts and then suddenly, they’ve boarded up their window and now they don’t send anything back, but are ready to open the door when you’ve decided to send something. It’s a one-sided relationship where I feel extremely used. As a result, I’ve decided to unabashedly barge into their inboxes and demand to know why they’ve unfollowed me. Oh, you wanna start drama? Let’s start some drama. SCREEN-SHOT.
So what kind of peeves make you mad? Part two will be coming very soon! Have a nice day 🙂

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