Get Off My Blog! 10 Ways To Make Me Hate You (Part Two)

This is the internet and I can block people and mute them. I can control, to some extent, who can affect me, and who can’t. Of course I’m going to use this privilege, especially when its something I can’t exercise in real life. You could tell me to take criticism and disliked opinions in a responsible, adult fashion but amn’t I already doing that in my life outside the internet? So yes, take your arguments some place else if you don’t want to be blocked or muted.

I’ve already shared before about a couple of types of people that I didn’t like. Here are a couple more. Before you go on, continue reading, I just want to remind you that these are all exaggerations. I’m not going to start hating on you if you do anything like that- it’s okay to slip up sometimes and I personally have a pretty tough skin and thin memory. I end up forgetting a lot of previous offenses, but if someone’s been really stubborn about getting their point across, you bet it’s not going to be pretty.

Oh wait, where you talking? I didn’t know- anyway, stop and listen to me // You know there’s a difference between being a chatterbox and being just plain narcissistic. A chatterbox is constantly talking, but it’s always about a variety of things that an average introvert can some how give a conversational input to. That’s the essence of a chatterbox- they open people up and get them to talk too. A narcissist, on the other hand, must always hold the stage and it’s always about them. To an extent, all bloggers are narcissists because we’re all just busy talking about ourselves on our blogs. BUT that’s okay because everyone gets to do that! A narcissist in real life wouldn’t let you say anything at all, and even if you did manage to say something, they’d treat it as useless information and move on with their own little speeches. So yes, if you’re like this and expect me just listen to whatever you have to say without getting my own voice, well then INSTA-BLOCK.

I’m better than you and you better believe it // I just in general hate it when people get all superior and snubby on me. I think my readers must have realized that from the rant I did about “khaas chai/rishta” and how I didn’t like the way people talked about their tea like it was somehow better than mine? It’s not just chai though, sometimes vegan supreme-ism makes me mad, sometimes it’s when you’re arguing and the other person just refuses to put down their ego for like, two seconds. So yes, there’s a lot of reasons I don’t like people with a superiority complex, whether it’s online or in real life. Online though, I can just UN-FRIEND.

Hey check this **** out, it’s so ******* cool and I ******* love it! // You know, if all of your adjectives and adverbs are replaced by just two words, something is definitely wrong with you. From my point of view at least. The English language is filled with so many words that you can use, like you can call a chair a chair, and then you can also call it a decent chair, or a cool chair. So why can’t you do that? Why do people have to conform to this massacre of English and severely cripple the capability of speech? So if you’re one of these people, INSTA-MUTE.

I LOVE your posts, your blog, everything you’ve done! // Um, I don’t see you following me BACK on twitter or blogger or bloglovin’ or anything so uh, are you lying. I don’t want to be rude or anything, but if you’re telling people you love them or their work and it’s purely a PR thing (gotta look good on camera, right?) then you’re just losing ten tonnes of my respect- oh look, there it goes in the wind- it’s gone. I’m not going to unfollow your blog or anything if I like your content, but you as a person? You’re pandering to your readers and that’s all I am right. Never going to be your fan and most certainly not your friend.

Can you do this for me? Thank you so much! I’ll see you in the next century! // I know I’m good at a lot of things, for real, and I’m really happy if I can use my talents and skills and position to help people out. But sometimes, you really invest yourself into the task and then people come and take everything away (and you’d be okay with that initially-) and then they never credit you? Or sometimes they slap it in your face with a “What have you ever done for me?” or “You didn’t even help me”. I did something stupid like, just three weeks ago. Someone was looking for a partner in a project and I thought “hey why not” so I decided to help them out. We had to make a social media account and guess what. They were underage so I had to use my email and my phone number. You think they’d be grateful but they were the exact opposite and I was very enraged and decided to quit it- I refused to have a minor dictate things and act as my boss and I refused to even try making things work. Is it surprising that the entire account and project was taken over and that person listed as the sole creator? What a waste of my email address and phone number. Anyway, SCREEN-SHOT.


So what kind of peeves bother you when it comes to interacting with people, whether in real life or online? What do you think about the mute/block function available? Do you use it to clear out people from your immediate vicinity? Have a nice day!


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