Is This Baby The Right Size?

I had a twitter poll up a few days ago, asking about what kind of post you (the reader) would like to read. There had been a tie between art journal ramblings and med school shenanigans. I’ve already written about art journal ramblings, where I talked about the dylusions art journal I got. Don’t worry though, there will be way more art journal posts coming soon! Today however, will be about random things I’ve done in med school.

Maybe I should explain a little about how my med school is. It’s an institution, yes, but it’s located inside the hospital, so that means that med students get to wander around the corridors and can be mistaken for actual doctors. However, now that I’ve spent almost two years here, I’ve realized that most doctors don’t usually wear white coats. Moving on, here’s something random I did the last time I was in school.

It was a hot day and I really wanted to go home. It was the last day before our ‘summer’ break started. I go home with two other girls in my class in a taxi and the taxi wasn’t here yet so we were lounging in the lobby, sitting on benches, waving bye to all the other girls who were leaving- whether it was back to the United States, the Middle East or distant towns in Pakistan. It wasn’t melancholic at all- we’d see each other again in four weeks, so despite the hugging and the “have a great summer!” exclamations, we settled back in our seats, eager to get home and out of the heat.

A friend of mine- let’s call her S- had left about ten minutes ago, only to return almost frantically. She came up to me and said urgently “Come here”

I thought she was having serious trouble about something so I leaped to my feet and followed her quickly.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked. “Shouldn’t you be on your way home? You left ten minutes ago-“

“I am suffering from depression” she said, giving me a serious look. “And I need to hold a baby”

“Why’re you depressed-” is the first question I blurt out. She’d been fine ten minutes ago! “And hold on- you need to hold a baby to feel better?”

She nods and continues “Now help me find a baby”

“Well, alright” I said. We walk through the hallways of the hospitals, looking for a baby. My first go to place had been the pediatric clinic and after climbing down stairs and walking through hallways, we went to the waiting room and looked for a baby.

“Is that baby fine?” I asked, trying to discretely point towards an infant lying down in a chair between who I assumed was it’s mother and another woman.

“That’s too small”

“Too small!” I spluttered as she plowed on towards the next corridor. “Too small! That baby looks just fine to me! Just pick it up and feel better-“

“I want a baby that can hold up it’s head and smile. That one looks only a two or three months old”

I decide not to argue with that and we keep moving around the hospital, this time heading towards the larger, general waiting room. I scan the seats, looking for someone- anyone holding a baby. A big baby. A baby that could smile and hold up its head.

“How about that baby?” I asked, pointing yet again to another baby in a stroller. He was certainly big, looking around wide eyes and shoving his hands into his mouth. He also had a lot of baby fat.

“Oh yes, that baby is fine-” she says just as the father of the baby blocks our view, pulls down the sun screen and starts rolling the stroller out of the place.

“Go ask him if you can hold his baby” I said, following him a few steps behind.

“He looks scary! I’d rather ask a lady for a baby!”

I’m still not complaining at all these baby requirements, but now my phone rings and my friend texts me that the taxi is here.

“Look, you seem to be looking for a very specific baby and today just isn’t the day for finding a baby in the hospital” I said. “When we come back, you know what we should do? We should go the gynaecology or obstetrics or neonatal department and make friends with the nurses so every time there’s a new baby around, you can go pick it up”

She brightens considerably at this idea and we reach the outside gates of the hospital when I notice a woman walking beside me, holding the perfect baby.

“Look, look” I hiss, poking her. “That baby is just the right size, go ask for it!”

She quickly turns around, ambushing the lady and asks “Your baby. Can I take it?”

For one second, everyone just freezes. Imagine a doctor walking up to you and asking to take your baby, when you’ve finally managed to walk out of the hospital.


“I want to hold him” she clarifies. The mother reluctantly gives her baby and I sigh in relief. Mission accomplished, right?

“You’ve finally got your baby” I said with a laugh. “Are you happy now?”

“I’m really happy!” she says with a bright smile and she got to carry the baby all the way to the car they were leaving in.


And that’s how we found a baby that was just the right size to hold. It was after everything was over that I realized how random we were and that I had to tell people about what kind of things we end up doing! It gets a laugh out of me and I hope it got a laugh out of you 🙂

As for a personal update, I’ve started watching Hannibal! I’ve finished the first season and I’ve got to ask-

Who did this scene better xD
Have a nice day! Let me know if you’ve seen Hannibal or are considering to watch Hannibal! I’d love to talk about it with someone 🙂

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