My Planner for May!

So I had put up a poll on twitter, asking about a blog post idea I had and I had gotten quite some interest about it. I’d been planning on writing this post yesterday, but things happened. Basically, I got a little heat injury. It’s like a milder form of heat stroke and I spent my day in bed, feeling awful. I even took the day off today. I’m better now Alhamdulillah and I hope to be back at school fresh and ready tomorrow 🙂 For now, let’s get back to the post!

yeh alag baat k sirf che logon ne vote kiya
Now my planner is nothing special. It’s a cheap notebook I got for like 80c at Walmart during their school sale. The main reason I picked it up was because of it’s size and the cover; light blue with lots and lots of owls. And I just found it really cute so I had to grab it for planning. The pages are decent, although they blot across occasionally if I use felt tip or heavy ink pens. That’s not a problem for me because, like I said, it’s nothing special. I like to focus on practicality rather than aesthetic when it comes to something important like this.
Since May started on a Sunday, you get to see a bit of April too. I split the page down to four columns, making a total of eight columns on a spread page, seven for each day of the week and the eight is for miscellaneous note/to-do-lists. If I had a really busy day studying or if my weekend did not have anything remarkable happen, that day’s section usually ends up being quite empty. I use the empty spaces for other notes sometimes, like you can see here. I had had an exam on Friday so I made a small list of topic I could have performed better on and needed to study again.

I incorporate a lot of things in my planner. The little black writing next to the date is a summarized version of my schedule at med school. We have three slots in a day and I quickly write all of them down for the week on Sunday night. Then I occasionally fill the week according to the topics I’d need to study. Some other things I also add in are meetings that I need to attend, when I should write/publish a blogpost, as well as any visits I may have made or my extended family may have made to my house. You can see all three of these things- med school, blogging and family- scribbled in the pages.

Sometimes if something really exciting (or urgent) happens, I write in colored ink. Here you can see that it was my birthday on Monday, the 9th of May and that it hailed in Islamabad on Tuesday. These are pretty important events! If you move on, you can see that I’ve written my result for the last test I gave, which was on the last Friday of April (the first planner picture you saw). I thought I could do better, so I wrote myself a little note there to remind myself. I certainly need to work harder!

Of course sometimes you have stuff planned and they don’t work out in the end. The task is either left with an uncolored box or I just simply cross it out. If it’s left uncolored, it probably means that I did study that day, but not that topic. And if I’ve slashed it completely, it means I didn’t even bother doing it at all. I can’t be perfect and complete all my tasks, even if they are very few, but that too has to be recorded!

The main style of my planner is based on bullet journaling. I love the idea of making lists and working my way through them, but I like to have things spread out over a calendar, instead of long lists. That and, it should look organized. It took me a while to create this format for myself to use and now that I’ve finally perfected it, I’ve been using this over and over. This is perhaps the third journal I’ve worked through in this format and it’s been great for me!

The last days of May fall in to the spread for the first week of June, so here you get to see an incomplete journal page. As you can see, today is Wednesday, I had to write the blogpost I was supposed to write Tuesday, and below that is a bunch of stuff I have to study! I’ve done about half of them so far and hadn’t got the chance to color the boxes before taking the picture, so I’ll have you know I’m not really a slacker! Most of the time!
So that’s an overview of my planner for May! I hope you liked it and got to see a little about how my May went. Do you keep a planner? Does it help you keep your tasks and goals organized? Have a nice day!

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