My Summer To Do List

You know how you sit in school the whole year, waiting for summer to finally arrive so you can get out of school and do all the things you love to do but can’t do because of school or homework? But when summer breaks actually start, you have no idea what to do and you end up wasting most of your summer sleeping or watching tv or something and in the end you’re just like “What did I even do??”.

To spare myself this agony, I keep a little to do list. Every time I think “I need to do this in summer vacations”, I write it down somewhere and keep the list for when the actual day arrives! In order to keep myself motivated in regards to my summer goals, I thought I’d share them down below 🙂

My summer break is going to be 4 weeks long, spanning Ramadan where I’m going to be fasting, so I can’t really decide to do things like “go out” or “go to the zoo” because that’s just a terrible idea, fasting and doing physical activity, so I had to cut down on quite a few things. My brother is also busy with studying for the MCAT so I doubt that my family would go traveling anywhere- where the only option literally is Karachi. Anyway, without further ado, here’s a random compilation of things I want to get done!

Write 5 blog posts a week// I just really need to keep things in reserve. The day I press publish is the day I sit down and type everything out, usually on a whim. It would be really stress relieving for me to have a cache of blog posts that I could publish whenever I’m busy- which happens an awful lot! So during this summer, I’d like to write up a bunch of quality posts before hand! Initially I was going for 1 blog post a day, but that seemed a bit too much 🙂

Write 2 pieces of poetry// It’s been forever since I’ve written anything? I’d always wanted to write stories and publish books and would you believe it or not, I was a compulsive poetry writer when I was eleven. I seem to have thrown out those notebooks (we moved around a lot back then) though so I’m going to have restart on things. 2 seems like a great number to work towards.

Work on my art journal// I’ve been wanting to do this since forever? I really want to get my art game back up, so I’ve been journaling a bit, here and there, mixing between scrap-book and art journal styles. I’ve got a ton of supplies scattered here and there, some incomplete, some ready to use, so this task also means going out and shopping for a bunch of things like more paint brushes, white acrylic paints, glue, etc.

Re-study Neurosciences and GIT// Those are the latest things I studied and I really brush up my knowledge on those subjects. We’re currently studying GIT (Gastro Intestinal Tract) and to be very honest, I haven’t been studying at all because 1. I’m fasting, how do you expect me to go to school AND study?? 2. I was sick for a few days and that really throws me off my study routine. So I need to make sure I have all my studying handled and up to date!

Finish medical statistics course// I started this course on medical statistics and it’s supposedly a total of 24 hours long and I think I’ve only covered… maybe one hour?? Yes, I’ve barely done anything and I should really get a move on in that department. It’s not a hard course (I think) just a bit of math and stuff and I often have to rewind the video if I was busy doing something else because then I don’t understand a word of what’s happening.

Make or buy Eid cards and mail them// I actually got this idea from my friend (wink wonk wink) who was just voicing out ideas to me and I thought ‘hey that’s actually pretty cool, lemme steal that’ but now that I’ve stolen it, I have no idea what to do and I kind of feel like Scott Lang at the moment. I’ve got this amazing idea (suit) which I stole from a super genius but now I think it might be way too much for me to handle. Should I toss the idea (suit) back over the fence or keep it for another day?

So those are my main goals for this summer break! Of course I haven’t included my Ramadan goals here cause those are a completely separate thing, which consist of mostly re-memorizing a lot of stuff I memorized when I was like, ten but don’t remember that well right now. It’s going to be hard but I need to get it done.

So what are your plans for your summer break? Any travel plans? Book plans? Shopping plans? 🙂


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