What's Your Personality Type?

When I signed up for psychology classes in A Levels, I thought it was going to be the coolest subject ever. I thought I’d become some sort of an amateur criminal profiler, or a lie detector or be able to manipulate people into doing things they normally never would, or perhaps forget they did it at all. Or maybe I’d be able to hypnotize people, or put them to sleep or maybe I’d be able to reconstruct their entire personality from a short conversation.

Basically, I thought psychology classes would turn me into some sort of Sherlock or Will Graham. Is it surprising that I was wrong? Psychology classes were mostly about research articles and various studies and theories. It was a very enjoyable class, don’t get me wrong, but there’s still a part of me who still wants to study psychology to delve into the human mind and somehow discover myself not as I appear to myself, but how I really am.

Of course, you could always take one of the many tests available on Facebook and Buzzfeed (Which Sesame Street character are you, Which Famous Fantasy Novel are you, Which 1D member are you, etc etc, you get the gist of it). Most of these tests are written by amateurs. If you really want to know what you are, consider the following test.

MBTI, or Myers Brigg Type Indicator is a test designed to put you into one of sixteen predetermined personality types based on four different aspects.

Aspect #1: Introvert Vs Extrovert

Aspect #2: Sensing Vs iNtuition

Aspect #3: Thinking Vs Feeling

Aspect #4: Judging Vs Prospecting

I took my first test from here and my result came out to INTJ. Here’s what they told me.

INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging): The Mastermind

  • independent, insightful
  • Able to absorb extremely theoretical and complex material
  • Supreme strategists; extremely logical and rational
  • Future-oriented and easily able to see the big picture
  • Have strong insights and intuitions that are trusted by others
  • Bored when dealing with mundane routine
  • Value knowledge and efficiency
  • Comfortable being alone
  • Have very high standards for performance

Of course I thought this was pretty cool. I read it up a bit on Wikipedia too and the stuff they wrote there was… interesting to say the least.

INTJs are strong individualists who seek new angles or novel ways of looking at things. They enjoy coming to new understandings. They tend to be insightful and mentally quick; however, this mental quickness may not always be outwardly apparent to others since they keep a great deal to themselves. They are very determined people who trust their vision of the possibilities, regardless of what others think. They may even be considered the most independent of all of the sixteen personality types. INTJs are at their best in quietly and firmly developing their ideas, theories, and principles.

— Sandra Krebs Hirsch

The thing about these personality tests is that I don’t really trust them 100%. I had read a book several years ago which was basically a deconstruction of a ‘psychic’ circus act; when the performer asks a series of questions and the person being questioned, as well as the audience, is awed about how precise the questions are. The book basically said that the ‘psychic’ would ask questions that are general, or could be applied to a large population. For example,

Someone close to you has died.

Now this is the type of question a large percentage of any population would answer yes to. And even if they answer NO, under the guise of oh, sorry your past is a little foggy, I think it’s a close friend of yours I’m seeing? Has a close friend of yours experienced death in their family?, the whole psychic drama can still be salvaged.

What I’m basically trying to say is, I feel that a lot of these test results can be applied to a lot of people. Everyone likes thinking of themselves as independent, creative, insightful, determined, how is it that this test decided that these qualities were mine? That brings us to the question:

Is the Myers Brigg Type Indicator a reliable test?
Yes it is reliable- you can take the test again and again and you will fall in mostly the same categories (apparently, the most variation you should get is in one of the four letters). But is the interpretation of your four letter personality really, well, your personality?

That’s really up to you to decide! I felt very uplifted when I went through my MBTI result for the first time- it’s supposedly one of the rarest type out of the sixteen totals- and the results made me want to blurt out my ideas more often (something that really turned out to make my day better, since I stopped doubting myself and just hit SEND on a lot of conversations. Does it surprise you that my ideas were well-received?).

You should definitely take the test and see what you get too! You can take the test on 16personalities or Personality Perfect. I personally prefer 16personalities. The test style for both are different though! Try them out and see if your results correlate. Let me know how it went! Have a nice day 🙂


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