I’m still technically on my blog break but this is a post that is pretty much due today! I don’t know how many of you know about Bloggers Required, but it’s basically a sort of site where bloggers can find assignments, like reviewing products etc. Living outside of the UK and US, it’s nearly impossible to find an assignment you fill the requirements for.

Anyway, I finally found an assignment I could actually do and signed up to review an app called Huggle! It’s an interesting app for sure and I think you guys would certainly like this sort of app. Let me know if it interests you or if you’ve tried this app out as well too! Anyway, let’s start.

Is that a ghost? Or maybe a location symbol? I have no idea. The Huggle icon looks nice though!

Huggle is a social app, designed to extract from the real world. How many times has it happened that you met someone interesting at an event- take Comic-cons, for example- but you never got the chance to ask for their name (or you got to ask for a name, but not an email or phone number) so now it feels like you won’t ever get to see them or talk to them again. And it really bums you out, right, cause it’s already pretty hard to find people who are just as enthusiastic about the same things you like!

What Huggle does it take information about events and locations from your Facebook and lets you know about people in your area who were there at the same time as you with the same interest as you. It’s basically the virtual version of the playground we used to socialize in at school- tons of people around, pick whoever you think has the same interests and hobbies as you, whether it’s swinging the swings or having coffee at cafes.

I downloaded Huggle to try this out a few days ago and I must say, I’m personally disappointed. Here are some reasons why Huggle is not the app for me:

There are barely any users in my city. In fact, I might be the only active user around here. As a result, I found the app pretty boring, especially since there weren’t many places listed out near me. I mean, sure I got see that there was one cafe in my area, but just one cafe? Seriously? Islamabad has hundreds of cafes. (There’s also a Hogwarts themes cafe that opened recently in the Pindi/Islamabad area and wow, I really want to go there!!)

There’s just one person in all of Islamabad? Like, no offense, but there’s absolutely no way that this app is helping me make friends at the moment, it’s only giving me anxiety about how I might end up being the only girl on this app and get harassed?
FORTUNATELY. Huggle seems to have some sort of mechanism to deal with issues like these. First of all, to be visible to others on Huggle, you have to upload pictures, whether of yourself or in your gallery. Only then will you appear like this person appeared for me. Needless to say, I refused to put up any sort of picture. Huggle claims that it has features to help make users feel comfortable although I haven’t been able to use these features out.

The only way to use Huggle is through Facebook. You can’t make an exclusive Huggle account. Of course, there are pros and cons to this (the pro is that you don’t have ANOTHER social media account password to worry about- and I worry a lot already). The cons of this is- I don’t want to use my Facebook for this? I changed my Facebook name back to Kanra Khan just to use this app because I didn’t feel safe about the app having access to my real name and precise location.

So yeah you see, you only get to log in with Facebook and as a result, your profile is all entered before hand. You’ve got your age, work place, location and recent places listed out. It’s certainly handy, not having to fill out details like this, so that’s a definite plus point!

All in all, it’s an interesting app. I personally think there should be a section for past events that you have attended so that you can find other people who were also in that event, even though it was before signing up for Huggle.

Interestingly, the Huggle app has just been updated yesterday for better performance, so you can download it and see how it is! I personally think you should give it a shot yourself, check out how many users are in your city and if anyone wants to be friends 🙂 Have a nice day!


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