Doctor Strange

Last weekend, I finally got the chance to watch Doctor Strange! I’ve been wanting to watch Doctor Strange in theaters since I found out that Mads Mikkelson plays one of the villains and I absolutely refused to watch it in any way or place apart from the theater. Why was I excited about the villain?

Because it was a perfect match for the hero! Benedict Cumberbatch, aka Sherlock. Mads Mikkelson, aka Hannibal Lecter. Basically, it’s a Sherlock V Hannibal movie, set in the Marvel Universe. At least, that’s what I wish it was because honestly, Kaecilius (the bad guy) didn’t really get much a back story.

I really enjoyed the movie though! My favorite character was definitely Stephen because it was great to see all the different aspects of him. My favorite parts about Stephen were;
  1. He’s incredibly arrogant about his skills as a neurosurgeon (like when he gets his hands operated on and gets told that “they did their best”, he says “I could have done better”) and I really liked how they showed the despair he felt when he lost the proper use of his hands.
  2. Stephen Strange really doesn’t like being pitied and he’s willing to squander his entire earnings to somehow get the use of his hands back, even though he technically lost them by his own arrogance (solving a case on his way to a neurosurgery conference and decides to overtake a car while driving at high speeds on a cliff road). All these efforts result in him losing his money, other doctors ignoring him, and the only person who gave him company was driven away.
  3. Even though he ends up learning about mystical arts, he still considers himself a doctor and wants to uphold the Hippocratic Oath of “do no harm”. The outburst he has when he kills someone for the first time was great! I really liked how his whole Oath made him decide not to follow Mordo’s path, but to create his own where he would violate the rules of time and space, but end up not killing anyone!
  4. “Dormamu! I’ve come to bargain!”
  5. The cloak of levitation. 

Regarding the movie, I REALLY HAD A LOT OF FUN WATCHING THE KALEIDOSCOPE WORLD. It was just mesmerizing! I already love cityscapes (you can tell, my phone wallpaper is New York City) so this was a real treat to watch.
I also liked the comic relief that was scattered around the movie, whether it was Stephen’s Cloak, the WiFi password, referencing to current music or just overall sarcasm and sass from Doctor Strange.
Overall, I’d give this movie a 4/5 and would 10/10 recommend you to watch! I watched this at Centaurus Cineplex (Islamabad) in 3D and while it was initially a little disorienting, it got better when the action started!
Have you watched Doctor Strange? What did you think about it? What was your favorite part? Have a nice day! 

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