Game Review: Mystic Messenger

no the game is not really 1.5 GB, don’t worry
This isn’t exactly a popular game, but it has certainly caught on in some communities on the internet. I played this game and completed it once and that basically makes me think I am eligible to review this game, although it is far more complex than that (really!).
Mystic Messenger is a game which basically revolves around the app being a messenger and the story playing out through the medium of chatting, texting and calls. It’s a really unique game and I was honestly surprised at this ingenuity. I didn’t think that this game would get me so invested in the story.
You start off by joining the RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association) which consists of six people. V (one of the founders), Jumin Han (rich corporate boss), Jaehee Kang (Jumin’s assistant), 707 (hacker and technical support), Zen (narcissist actor), and Yoosung (college kid). You join the organization and end up taking Rika’s place. Rika was the original founder, but sadly died some time ago by suicide.
The organization used to hold social parties and gather funds for charity. However, with Rika gone, there haven’t been any parties but now that you’re here, everyone wants a party to be held. You have eleven days to gather guests for the party!
This whole party inviting thing is a real headache though
During the course of the game, you have different ‘routes’ to take. In the casual route, you can end up with either Yoosung, Jaehee Kang or Zen, while Jumin Han and 707 are reserved for the ‘deep’ route. The choices you make in the chatting options are what dictates the routes and branching in the game.
The first time I played, I ended up getting a bad route. I had been playing the game as I would normally play; being off with everyone and not really trying to be friends with anyone (as I usually am xD). The game tried dragging me down the Zen route however, and at first, I thought, why not. Zen seemed like a good guy (except he was obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror) until I decided to try out the call feature in full. 

The call feature involves plugging in your headphones and picking up the calls of the other members. The calls are basically recordings of the characters speaking in Korean, with the English translation coming on the screen. I really like how that worked, it was really interesting to hear the characters although you didn’t understand a word they were saying and I personally ended up just reading the screen and ignoring the voices. 
Right so where was I … oh yes, so one of the first calls I actually listened to was Zen’s and of course, Zen is pretty theatrical so when I actually heard him going “muah!” I was so creeped out, I backpedaled extremely fast and starting shutting Zen down. It didn’t help with Jaehee Kang (an avid fan of Zen’s work) constantly on my case though…
there Jaehee I hope you’re happy, man you’re so naggy >__>
With me backing out and becoming extremely anti-social with the characters, it wasn’t a surprise that I went down the bad route. The game is divided into segments and the first segment always ends with one of the characters talking about a “weird” dream, where they dreamt that they were all “artificial intelligences” in a “game” and that “nothing was real”. This was a really cool segment and the game does this a couple of times, which I call the ‘breaking the fourth wall’ effect.
Look at 707 breaking the fourth wall and talking about the routes that the game has.
The game then warns of branching before taking it’s new route. My route ended with Yoosung getting kidnapped which, to be extremely honest, left me absolutely horrified. Basically, this was my reaction: (disbelief, incoherent screaming, denial, more denial, followed by a renewed desire to play the game again and this time, doing it correctly).
So of course, I HAD to restart the game and save Yoosung. I felt terribly guilty about getting him kidnapped (although I’m STILL not sure how and which decisions of mine got him kidnapped). I played the game again, this time being super nice to Yoosung.
Let me say, this game is extremely cliche at times but at other times, it’s super sweet. Of course, at the start it’s all really creepy (cause there’s like, four male characters jumping in your face for attention and you only have a total of two responses to pick from) but once you get used to it, it’s not that bad. The story is nice, the characters have their own quirks and it gets enjoyable.

However, this whole game works in real time. That means that characters will be online and chatting at specific times of the day, so if you’re like, spending most of your day in college without wifi, you’re going to be missing A LOT of chats and calls. You can make up for it by spending hourglasses to take part in conversations that have already passed, or to unlock the entire conversation list of the next day. However, hourglasses are difficult to gather.

If you’re interested in interactive story-telling like this, you should definitely try this game out and complete at least one route. After completing the Yoosung route, I started the game again in ‘deep’ story mode and tried going down the Jumin Han route (but I got fed up of his cat obsession and tried switching to the 707 route midway) but of course, like I said before, the game worked in real time and I did not have time to spare.

I give this game a rating of 4/5! Check it out and let me know what you think of it 🙂


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