Having A Schedule While Blogging

I recently commented on a post on Instagram where the poster asked for help in regards to scheduling for their blog. I thought it would be interesting if I shared about what I do with my blog schedule and hopefully, it would motivate me to keep posting regularly!

Before I start, I just want to say that writing a blog is not as easy as it looks. A lot of people think that blogging is just like a diary, you write whatever you want and press publish. Unfortunately, things don’t work like that. Yeah you could treat your blog as a diary or a text dump, but it doesn’t really bring in readers the way a properly structured post with pictures and content does.

You could say that blogging isn’t all about readers and stats and comments and stats, but admit it. A lot of us find the number of reads and the number of comments a big motivator to keep writing. And to pull these views in, you need to put genuine effort into your blog. You have to make it look pleasing to the eye, the content has to be catchy and the reader should be like “oh! this was fun to read!”.

Once you’ve established yourself a good blog- a quality blog- then you have to maintain the quality and one major way you can do this is to post on a regular basis. I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve come across that had amazing content and I loved their posts, only to find out that the last post they wrote was in June 2016 and there’s been no announcement about them leaving. Or you follow a blog and that’s when they stop posting.

Let me say this loud and clear, blogs like these lose potential followers. And to prevent this from happening to your blog, here are a couple of things I do.

  1. Establish when you are going to publish a post. You shouldn’t post things as soon as you’ve finished writing them. Decide on how many days a week you’ll publish. If you produce a LOT of content, consider going for three or four days a week. But if you have days when you can’t write or can’t publish anything, cut your posting down to once or twice a week and use your extra posts to buffer for the days you can’t write anything
  2. Announce this schedule on your blog. Write in your bio “I post thrice a week” or “I post twice a month” so your readers know when to check out your blog. You could also mention it in your twitter and Instagram profile. For example, it’s a standard part of my about, I write “binge seasons seasonally and blog biweekly”. That lets people know that my blog is fairly active.
  3. Keep a planner. For real. Set aside little tasks to do every day, like maybe “make a graphic for new post” or “photograph the flowers in the garden” or “write down ideas for new post” or “spell check drafts”. Do something every day and set aside the exact days that you will press publish. For example, my “deadline” days are Monday and Friday.
  4. Always have a large stock of pictures. Don’t post just words only. Always punctuate with pictures, it helps a lot. A picture means a thousand words and no matter how small a piece of writing you post, if you add a picture, the content value jumps up and you’ve got yourself a decent post. If you’re a primarily writing/musing blog, this can really help build a queue and create consistent activity.
  5. Don’t be afraid to mix things up once in a while! If you don’t feel like publishing your writing just yet, choose something else to post instead. Or if you’re photography blog and you want to try an OOTD post instead of nature photography, go for it! Expand your horizons. It’s your blog and you get to decide the content. Don’t restrict yourself to one category.
  6. Try starting a ‘series’. Like a “what did I do this week” series, or “blog-posts I liked” series, or “new blogs I read” series or whatever really! The thing about writing a series is that it already gives you an entire structure to post with, all you have to do is fill in the blanks. It’s great for days when you have no idea what to write, just pull out one of the blog series and write one of those!
  7. If you really don’t know what to post, how about doing those chain awards? You know, Liebster Awards and Blogger Awards. People love reading those kinds of posts, especially if you nominate your readers for doing. Not only do you get to post something people actually click to read, but you’re also interacting with your fellow bloggers! Of course, don’t let these awards pop up too often, cause that just becomes repetitive and kind of childish.
  8. Go out and talk to people. Whether it’s your friends or blogger buddies, sometimes a fun conversation can become the perfect content for a new blogpost!
What would you advise to someone in regards to keeping a blogging schedule? Let me know in the comments below. Have a nice day!

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