Highlights of This Week

I have just been having this general feeling of negativity this week. Like there is some sort of blanket of unhappiness on the world and it’s affecting everyone in some sort of way. I’d talk about all the bad things that have happened to me but it’s much more better to talk about the things that went well and that I’m grateful for. Here are a couple of things that made me happy this week.

My Monday morning went well. Surprisingly, I did not fall asleep in any of the lectures; I had my books opened and I was highlighting along the lecture. I may have not been listening attentively (since I was reading at the same time) but at least I was paying more attention than I usually do when I’m sleeping!

I decided to take the day off Tuesday! I debated on the matter on Twitter when Tanya chimed in too and I finalized my plan. I slept in till ten and spent the day pretty relaxed. I had Wednesday off too so it was basically a ‘weekend, Monday, weekend’ kind of week for me 😀

Thursday was the day I had my rotation! It started out with me and my batch mates looking for our preceptor, running up and down hallways when she finally arrived half an hour later and right off the bat, started scolding us on how we should have been attending patients instead of looking for her. She handed us patients after she was done and I got to take the history of a patient who had just gotten out of surgery not too long ago.

Fortunately, the patient was really nice, including her attendant. They both knew I barely knew what I was doing but they were so nice and answered all my questions with lots of details and I was very relieved that this wasn’t going so bad.

Once I was done, I headed back to find my preceptor back with a couple of other doctors who were going to start their round. I told my preceptor I was done taking a history and she was about to ask me to present the history when the other doctor interrupts, saying “We need to do our rounds. Tell the medical students to make themselves useful and take out a catheter”

My preceptor blanched and said “What are you saying! They’re just students!”
Meanwhile, I was like “Of course! Catheter! You got it!”

The doctor brushes my preceptor aside and says “Well, how else are they going to learn? Put away your notebooks” and she leads all the doctors out to start the patient rounds.

My friend and I are standing next to the in bed patient with the catheter. My friend asks my how we’re going to do this. I say “What do you mean how are we going to do it? Call the nurse”

So we got the nurse to go through the notes and she told us that we were supposed to get a urine sample, not remove the catheter. She also went ahead to show us how she clamped down the catheter for a while before opening the tube and getting a sample.

So yes! Thursday had been pretty interesting. As soon as I came however, I had a lot of work piled up. I wrote up histories and did some research (a fancy word for tallying questionnaires) while trying to study for the exam I had on Friday (today).

As you can see, I barely studied. I spent the entire day doing the research because it’s due on Monday? And I have so much left, it’s making me cry.

It’s understandable, even predictable, then, that Friday was going to be pretty stressful. Right off the bat I tweeted about it. Needless to say, my paper did not go that well (everything felt surreal) and once I was done, I talked to my friends for a bit before heading into the library.

Another friend of mine and I are both collaborating on a separate research and we went through a couple of medical journals to get the hang of what we needed. After that I settled down alone to my due Monday research.

I’m not even kidding, this research is draining me out really bad. And I feel worse because my siblings (more specifically, my sister) is helping me out so much and it’s such boring work but she’s still doing it. I don’t know when I’ll finish it. I keep pushing the date forward over and over and it’s just honestly giving me a headache.

See? It gave me a headache enough to type out all my aches in one sitting.

I hope your week is going better. Have a nice day!


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