2016 is Coming to an End

It’s 23rd December. Some of you might be really happy about it, since you’re got your holiday season starting (winter vacations for my siblings has started) and other people have events like Christmas and New Years coming up. Unfortunately for me, I have neither of these things.

You heard read right. I have no winter vacations and certainly no festival or holiday to look forward to as 2016 ends. So I figured I could do something all on my lonesome. First of all, I really stepped back and evaluated myself. Here are a couple of things I’ve picked up so far

1. I have not been blogging seriously. Most posts were written on a whim and I feel as though the quality bar has really plummeted. That’s not what the Lunar Descent is about! 

2. Continuing that last point, can you believe that I completely forgot about the Lunar Descent’s 2nd birthday? Completely forgot about it. In fact, I remembered when I wrote the date at the start of this post and I just sat there and stared at my screen for a good 10 minutes wishing I could turn back time and write that 6th December post. How could I forget my own child’s birthday? I feel like a horrible blog author. 

3. I’ve stopped doing a lot of productive things I used to do for my blog. I don’t know where my blogging notebook has gone and I’ve stopped writing down ideas for blog posts. My art journal has been put on a halt and I can’t find the energy to take out my paints. I feel like I’ve been pouring all my creativity into my studying and let me tell you, it doesn’t feel good. 

4. I’ve also been taking a lot of random stress, whether it’s a lost history notebook or an exam or an unfinished syllabus to study. Not to mention I’ve been trying to study for the USMLE as well so everything been pretty jumbled up together.

You know what this means? This means I have to sit down and really get everything back into place, whether its blogging or USMLE or my art or general studying. The only resolutions I’ve going to be focusing on for this blog post however, are blog resolutions, mostly to make up for the blogoversary I missed.

Look at me making random pictures for like, no reason.

Blogging Resolutions for The Lunar Descent

  • Make more medical related posts. Kind of like the one about Neurosciences. I feel like this post really became quite a hit. The format is easy enough and it really helps break things down for me as well. This way, I can have content for my blog as well as get some studying/revision done in a fun way!
  • Write more study posts. I’ve started brand new subjects that sound super cool like Forensic Medicine and Pathology and Microbiology and these really deserve a post of their own! Plus, like I said before, I’ve been pouring a lot of my creativity into my studying so I should really show off my new shiny notes! Although the downside to this is that my iPhone camera is being really messed up and I’m not sure I want to use the camera for any blog pictures or instagram pictures anymore. I tried to handle this by charging my old phone (the HTC HD7 I cried a lot about on my old blog) but it’s not charging for some reason…
  • I also want to some sort of giveaway. Like maybe I could mail people something really nice (something that would fit in the envelope and wouldn’t weigh a ton) or I could draw/illustrate something for people digitally. Either way, I really want to do something nice for the people who read my blog! I’m thinking about holding the giveaway in April so I can announce the winners in May (which is when I have my birthday) and celebrate that way :p
  • Create a pdf compilation. Listen, when Eve from Edge of Night compiled all her poems into a book form and then sent it out, I was impressed. I was impressed beyond description. I want to try something like that. For that, I need to learn how to create a pdf document with good editing and formatting, but way before that, I need to have good content…
  • Make versatile posts. No, I don’t mean in terms of content. I meant like, writing poetry, and descriptions, and flowery things. The kind of stuff that means utter nonsense but looks and sounds really nice so people love it. That kind of stuff. Hey, I’m adding things to my writing portfolio, remember?
  • Write more about my experiences in med school. What happened to my “It’s Medventure Time!”? I need to kick it back into action. 
Well, those are all the resolutions I can think up of from the top of my head. I might add some things sooner or later. My last posts of 2016 will be focusing on just that; the end of 2016. It might be good, it might be bad, but it’ll definitely be worth the read. Have a nice day!

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