SketchBook #5: Carcharodon Carcharius

Yes, I decided to number them since it’s basically a series. Essentially, I’m just spamming my Instagram art and then some, but I’m also giving some context to what I’ve done, so it’s hopefully better.

If you’ve been following my instagram (optic_chiasma) you must’ve noticed the double shark spread I did recently. There’s a pretty long story behind it, so if you’re ready for it, let’s get started.

My fascination for sharks must have started on a fated Saturday, the 8th of August 2015. You might not remember (and honestly, I didn’t remember the date either and had to look it up), but it was the day that I spent in Moody Gardens. I’ve always had an obsession with aquariums and sea creatures and beaches and shells. You may attribute it to a childhood spent in Florida where going to the beach was a great treat with sprawling white sands and rolling waves and beautiful sunsets.

When I was a kid, people would ask me what I wanted to be and I would blurt out, without thinking, “I wanna be a marine biologist”. Being a marine biologist meant going into the sea and studying all the creatures and I was especially in love with dolphins (again, attribute it to Florida, with Sea World and dolphin tours as well as a very special book series I would read and reread).

Dolphins are all really nice, but they’re social creatures. That’s why when I saw a short documentary on sharks in Moody Gardens, I found myself instantly awed by these creatures. Mostly solitary creatures, the great white shark makes clans of two to six other sharks. That’s it. From then on, my laptop has been shark themed (occasionally going for a space theme, but that doesn’t last very long).

 So when the first episode of Sherlock’s eagerly awaited 4th season ended up having a shark theme, I was overly delighted. I LOVE SHARKS. I LOVE THEM. They look so dangerous and ferocious but they’re actually just misunderstood creatures. They’re beautiful. I needed at least one shark entry in my art journal and with the shark spread on my instagram as well, I’m a very pleased artist at the moment! (even though my art is kinda amateur-ish).

Anyway! I picked up the lyrics from a fan based version of “The Doctor Is Dying” by Chameleon Circuit. It’s written for the Reichenbach Fall episode of Sherlock where Sherlock fakes his death (but we don’t know that. Or at least, John doesn’t know that until the next season). It’s really well done and I really like this piece. I don’t know why it’s not popular because it certainly deserves to be!

The devil’s returning
A heart will be burning
A Reichenbach hero
A fake going under
Oh Sherlock is falling!

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