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I’ve been having a pretty rough week (isn’t every week like that?). It’s had it’s ups and downs but honestly, I’ve just been waiting for the weekend to roll back around. I keep thinking about the load of work I need to do and just thinking about it exhausts me sometimes. And then Monday rolls back so fast, it’s almost terrifying.

I thought I’d do this post to motivate myself a little and to give you guys a heads up about the kind of content I’m currently working on. I’m kind of excited to write these out! I hope you find them just as interesting to read about!

If you’ve been following my instagram (its optic_chiasma, by the way), you’d know that I’ve switched from nice flowery posts to art works, mostly involving anatomy. I’m slowly pulling architecture in as well (I have a thing for buildings…) and I really need to write a new post where I gush about all the things I’ve been doing.

However, I’ve been neglectful of my scrap book. It’s been ages since I opened it. I have a whole new spread planned out (I’m using artwork that other people gave me and layering them) but so far, I’ve only been able to cut them. Rest assured, that too will get it’s own post!

The tutorial to end all tutorials! This entire segment will be a post series all about- you guessed it, all the ways to commit a crime. Which one would be perfect? That’s for you to decide! Based on the forensic medicine I’m studying, we’ll be covering poisons, physical injuries and more. So stay tuned for valuable life lessons!
DISCLAIMER: I am in no way endorsing the act of committing crime or harming another human being. The main point is to share interesting facts to you guys cause it really is interesting and could also be used for writing/educational purposes. Not to mention, it might just help you spoil someone else’s perfect crime 🙂

After the hit that was The Alphabet of Neurosciences, we’re back at it again with the Gastro Intestinal System! You know the drill, 27 letters and 27 facts. You walk away smarter and more confident about your body and it’s internal mechanisms. After all, how else are you going to truly appreciate the flesh that serves you if you have no idea about how amazing it is on a cellular and molecular level?

I’m going to be trying to punctuate this post with my own art (all GIT related) so this might roll out a little late. Nevertheless, it’s going to be a great post, we both know it.

I definitely haven’t forgotten about this series either! I plan on writing another essay about it this month. Initially I had left this, waiting for one of my ‘phases’ to hit back so I could pick up and write again but I’ve been surprisingly stable, so I think I’ll just keep writing in retrospect. It’s honestly one of my favorite posts and I can’t wait to write more in detail. I hope it doesn’t scare you off though!

Apart from these posts, I have a couple of other ideas for posts, mostly about things that are popular these days. I definitely need to write a post about Sherlock (that second episode was beautiful, I love Mary and John’s dynamic) and my clinical rotations and some Youtube inspired rants.

I hope you’re looking forward to these posts, cause I sure am! Which of these posts do you think you’ll love? Which one would you like to see come first? Have a nice day!


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