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I didn’t even know what the Cramm was until Rithvika tagged me and I decided to go check it out. And wow, is it cool. Cramm is essentially a quick highlight of the news (mostly American), summing everything up. I’ve signed up for receiving the updates on my email, so I’m not sure how often you get the newsletter, but it’s a great initiative, I really like it. (Especially after the fake news post I did just a few days ago).

Continuing on the whole news thing, I recently subscribed to the Philip DeFranco Show mostly because he does the research for his viewers before presenting the news and I’m pretty happy with the content he’s got. So yeah, check him out if you don’t know about him. He covers a lot of different areas of the news.

Anyway- back to the tag.

💜 Mention the person who nominated you + link their blog/site.
💜 Include a bit about the person who created this award + link to their site.
💜 Share 3 things that motivate you to blog.
💜 Share 3 people who inspire you to blog.
💜 Share the one thing that you would do to improve the world.
💜 Answer your challenge question.
💜 Nominate bloggers and give them a cool challenge question.

I got tagged by Rithvika who blogs over at The Ritz Blog. She’s a great person as well as a great artist and you should check her out! Her blog is pretty positive and I really had to agree with one of her answers to the tag where she said “the desire to make a positive ripple in this ocean of negativity and grow as an individual” was something that motivated her to blog. I think sentiments like that are really important, especially in all the young bloggers who are jumping onto the internet train.

💜 3 Things That Motivate Me to Blog 💜

Well, I’m motivated to blog whenever I read a really nice book or watch a good show since I’m excited about writing how I felt about it. I feel like it gives me some sort of good outside content to work with, instead of me producing ideas out of thin air.
I’m also motivated to blog whenever people ask me questions. It could be a completely random question, like “how do you study anatomy?” which prompts posts. A recently asked question I am working on is “how are you studying for the USMLE during third year?”.
Art motivates me to blog. Whenever I make a new drawing or an interesting page in my scrapbook, I am motivated to blog about. Content of this category, however, is usually referred over to Instagram.

💜 3 People Who Inspire Me to Blog 💜

Honestly? Just check out my Hall Of Fame page. It’ll give you a good idea of the specific people who inspire me to blog.
Otherwise, comments and likes, feed back and emails, people who go out of their way to tell me what they liked or disliked about my content- those people inspire me to keep going. Or motivate me. Whichever would be the better term to use here.
I don’t really advertise my blog and attach it to myself as a person (basically, very few people know about this blog my real life social circles) but even if my friends don’t know, their ignorance kind of inspires me? I don’t know if that makes sense but it’s like. My blog here, it’s a secret and I can write whatever I want, whenever I want and that makes me feel like it’s my secret special power xD it’s stupid, I know, but it still motivates me to keep going!

💜 1 Thing I Would Do To Improve The World 💜

This is an interesting question. Mostly because there seems to be quite restrictive- what would I do to improve the world? What singular act has the power to change the world anyway? Am I even interested in changing the world? This requires a lot of thought!
Off the top of my head though, there’s this one concept that Trevor Noah talks about in one of his interviews where someone asks him about inviting ‘racist’ people to his shows. The gist of his answer was that he would always invite such kinds of people because in his opinion, racism should be treated as a disease that can be cured. Racists need help realizing what the problem is and if you just stamp a label on them and put them in a corner, what are the racists going to do together? Where are they going to go? It’s not helping anyone at all. So talking to people and discussing things openly is important.
That’s what I’ll do. Talk to people.

💜 Challenge Question! 💜
What is the most admirable/beautiful thing about the Human Race as a whole? 

I think it’s the fact that we’re never really happy and we’re constantly looking for more and more and more and more. It’s this drive for perfection that causes us to make leaps and bounds in technology and knowledge and literature. If we were happy with where we were, we wouldn’t have so much development happening.
Whenever people tell me you should be happy with what you have, I can’t help but disagree a bit. How can you excel and move forward if you’re happy staying at square 10 when the rest of the board is empty for you?

💜 Nominate! 💜

💜 Tanya from Scribbled Dreams
💜 Jane from Plain Jane
💜 Roisin from Always In The Write
💜 Sara from Black Paper Moon
💜 Zainab from A Bibliophile’s Obsession
💜 Steph from Steph’s World

Here’s your challenge question.
💜 What are your favorite things about the century you live in?

Have a nice day! I look forward to seeing your answers to the tag.

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