Habitica: Turn Your Life Into An RPG (Review)

FYI, RPG means role playing game. Habitica is a productivity app that focuses on helping you build habits and clear out tasks by turning them into “quests” and granting you “in game” awards so that you are motivated to get things done- just like how you would while playing a video game. Sounds cool? Definitely!

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Habitica is a free habit building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. With in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you and a strong social network to inspire you, Habitica can help you achieve your goals to become healthy, hard-working, and happy! For more details. 

A bit of a disclaimer before we get started. I had installed Habitica for perhaps a maximum of 7 or 8 days. While I realize that it is a very short amount of time to judge an app from, it doesn’t change the fact that Habitica was not able to provide me with the features I needed or the functions I was looking for. Maybe it’ll give you the productivity you need however! So that’s why I decided to share it anyway. (This is also not a paid/requested review!)
Habitica involves you putting in various habits. These habits can be positive or negative (can give you gold and experience, or cause you to lose health). In this way, you can help reinforce positive habits (like taking out the trash, eating fruits, taking a walk, etc) and try to get rid of negative habits (2 hours of television, sleeping late at night, drinking soda).

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You can also put in “dailies” or things that need to be completed every day, like studying for 2 hours, or cleaning your room, or washing the dishes. All of these things need to be completed every day and when you check them off, you gain gold and experience. If you don’t check them off, your avatar can lose health.

Last but not least, there are “to dos”. Like it suggests, you put in a list of things you need to get done and check them off as you finish them. They won’t reappear again (like the habits and the daily goals) and you gain points and experience for these tasks too.

It all sounds great, the interface is good too (except for the fact that you can’t change your name… I signed in with my Gmail and it didn’t give me a choice to set up my name and profile properly). The main reason why I was very unhappy with Habitica was the fact that it depends on internet connection.

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there’s also a tavern to talk to people with, but you can’t add people as friends. You can, however, make a group to fight boss battles (don’t know how that works…)

You might be saying “Kanra, it’s the 21st century, the time of 3G and 4G, just get internet, why dont you” but no. There are a lot of reasons why I am not a fan of having cellular data connection on my phone and it’s because (1) it drains my battery a lot (2) it drains my credit a lot (3) even if I have a powerbank and a 3G package, it would drain my time a lot too.

It’s not like the app doesn’t work at all- you can still access it and see all your tasks. However, if you put in new tasks, or check off tasks, it will register them and then when you reconnect to the internet, all of those edits are wiped clean. It’s really frustrating, especially since I tend to use these kinds of apps while I’m travelling to and from school to help make use of my time and when I come home and reconnect to the WiFi, everything is gone.

So that really limited my usage and after a few days, I deleted the app. I’m still looking here and there for other apps and unfortunately, Habitica does not seem to compatible with me. I installed a couple of others too but so far, I haven’t found anything I like!

Would you like to give Habitica a shot? Here’s the link to the iOS app and the android app! Do you use any productivity apps that you’d like to recommend? Have a nice day!

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One thought on “Habitica: Turn Your Life Into An RPG (Review)

  1. I actually had this app for a while, and I ultimately deleted it for the same reason as you. I don't have an Internet connection at my house (or stable cell service, even) and not being able to run it offline was just too irritating for me.

    I had the app for a long time and was never able to figure out the whole "Guild" or "Tavern" thing. I did like the interface and it ran smoothly, but it didn't feel like a game to me. It was just confusing and tedious. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the app, I'm glad to see someone feels similarly to me!

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