5 YouTube Channels Every Med Student Should Know About

YouTube is possibly the greatest and most accessible place to learn. Yes, there are websites out there like coursera that have courses and certificates for you to get, but if you don’t have the time for getting a complete qualification or if you’re doing it for fun or if it’s for supplementing your tuition, then YouTube is perfect. It breaks down a lot of difficult concepts and makes them easy and if you can’t figure something out, try a video made by someone else!


I used YouTube a LOT during my first two years of medicine. Near the time of exams, I would close my books, take out my notes and start watching a video on Youtube. It helped me go over concepts quickly and piece them together into a cohesive, coherent form. Of course, it took me a while to discover these channels and so I thought it would be super helpful if I linked them all up for you!

1. KhanAcademyMedicine

My number one go-to channel is definitely KhanAcademyMedicine. I even write an entire post about how much I love this channel. There are so many topics and subjects available here that chances are, I’ll find what I need right away. Of course, some things are extremely simplified and some minor things are not explained very well, so it helps to scroll through the comments to see what thing you might need to check up on properly. 

2. Osmosis

If it’s not on KhanAcademyMedicine, it’s on Osmosis. Osmosis tends to cover things in a disease-pathology perspective, as opposed to KhanAcademyMedicine’s chapter by chapter, concept by concept way to learning. It’s great for reviewing diseases and getting an overall picture of pathogenesis for each disease. Osmosis also uploads every once in a while, adding to their database of amazing medicine videos.

3. Armando Hasudungan

This is one of my favourite channels in terms of aesthetics. It is incredibly relaxing to watch Armando Hasudungan draw out his flow charts while he explains concepts like inflammation and septic arthritis (his most recent video). I really love how the videos flow with their information and illustrations. It’s the videos that inspired me to compress my notes and fit everything on one page.

4. AnatomyZone

I used this channel so much during my Locomotor System module! It basically walks you through a lot of anatomy along with mnemonics to help remember things. I used to sit down and watch videos twice or thrice before going to class, these really help a lot! So if you’re struggling with muscles and nerves and all that anatomy, watch this.

5. DocOssareh

Okay, so this isn’t a primarily teaching channel, but it’s more of a vlog channel where DocOssareh answers a lot of important questions, like how to stay motivated in med school or how to study in med school or how to study when you don’t want to. There’s a lot of important tips and resources hidden in this channel, especially in relation to the USMLE. So yes, check this channel out to help supplement your experience in med school.

I hope these channels help you out if you’re inclined towards medicine or are currently in med school! They certainly helped me a lot. Are there any other channels on YouTube with great teaching content that you watch regularly? Share them in the comments below so I can check them out too! Have a nice day!


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