A Talk On Titans: The Shingeki no Kyojin Review Nobody Asked For

Have I screamed about how much I love Attack on Titan on this blog yet? I have? Oh well. Time to write a civilized blog post on Attack on Titan and why it’s my favorite currently ongoing series! If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend that you go watch it when you’re done reading this post. As of right now, the second season has been released so it won’t be too hard to catch up.

Get ready for rambling and all the reasons why you should watch Attack on Titan!

If I had to describe Attack on Titan but by using another franchise, I would compare it to the Transformers movies directed by Michael Bay. Or Steven Spielberg. Whoever it is, I don’t really care enough to Google fact check it. Anyway, the main reason why I don’t like the Transformers movies is because I want to watch the robots in disguise, but all I get is human drama.

Attack on Titan is like that, with giant Titans and tiny humans, only the Titans aren’t as interesting as Transformers and are also mildly more disconcerting and possibly more threatening. Also, there are no car chases or guns blazing or anything like that, but what you do have is the Scouting Legion soaring through the air on maneuver gear- which is amazing to watch. Now that I think about it, you could also compare it to the Walking Dead in terms of concept, except there is already an established civilization where humans are ‘safe’ from Titans.

I could scream about the animation all day though. Attack on Titan has brilliant animation, there are no visibly lazy scenes (cough I’m looking at you, Naruto cough) where it looks like the animators said “eh I’m just not feeling it today”. The art is amazing- the sky scenes and the landscapes are like paintings. The mod of transportation for our characters are either on horses or soaring through the air on their 3D Maneuver Gear and both of these are animated beautifully.

watch in HD for good quality
I just shared this to give you an idea of how the entire anime looks. And yes, it looks like that, the entire time, consistently. Also, I had no idea the title song had that much German in it (I only knew about the first two lines. also, I just found out that most of that German doesn’t even sound German to German people……..), but anyway! The more you know, right? Judging from the lay of land, the appearance of the characters etc, it’s already been deduced that Attack on Titan takes place somewhere in Europe, possibly in Germany, although the world is quite different of course, so nothing can be said concretely about the exact location.
Another thing that I absolutely love about Attack on Titan is the character cast. There are so many different kinds of characters, all of them unique and it’s not hard to get attached to them. Which is a bad thing because this show is a lot like Game of Thrones: no one is safe. Absolutely no one. This is a war for humanity- nobody gets out of anything clean.

One of the characters that I found very realistic was Jean Kirschtein. He’s a lot like Mario from Code Black; he’s stubborn, he’s looking out for himself, he’s incredibly selfish, but he’s able to use these feelings to relate to his fellow soldiers and lead them forward. He’s quite antagonistic towards our main character initially, but of course there is character development and he turns out to be a pretty good soldier joining the Scouting Legion.

Which reminds me that I haven’t seen Jean yet in the second season… I wonder where he is… hopefully not dead or eaten…

Each the “extended main characters” have chosen to join the Scouting Legion, so they’re faced with fighting Titans a lot. It doesn’t help when there are sentient Titans around who want to break down the wall. There’s just so much going on in the series that seem to be complete and utterly impossible obstacles for the characters, it makes you wonder if there will ever be a truly happy ending? There are people dying left and right and things seem to become grimmer by the episode.

There’s also the fact that just like our real world, there are concepts in Attack on Titan that are really hard hitting. For example, the main characters join the main training camps in order to become soldiers and then get divided into three main military forces: the Scouting Legion, who leave the walls and explore the outside world, trying to figure out how humanity can escape the walls, the Garrison, the part of the military that guards the walls and deal with titans that get too close, and finally, the Military Police who deal with keeping civil peace. It’s the Military Police who will never have to see or fight a titan, since they reside in the deeper walls, mostly serving royalty.

The interesting thing here is that out of an entire regiment of recruits who are training, only the top ten can join the Military Police. Only the top ten greatest titan killers of a regiment can become Military Police, hiding behind the walls, furthest away from the titans that they are specialized to kill. Amazing, isn’t it? And yet, it’s not an outlandish suggestion.

There are some people out there who don’t like Attack on Titan because of how they feel that it seems to be supporting of historical figures who should not be celebrated. For example, one of the commanders in the Garrison who deals with matters of defense of the wall, Dot Pixis is apparently based on a general of the Imperial Japanese Army (service from 1877-1923) who is hated by a lot of people it seems. Enough to get people to send death threats to the writer/illustrator of Attack on Titan, which is a horrible thing really. You should never tell someone to die or wish death on them D:<
Other people don’t like the anime because it seems to be over-hyped, which could be true, but I feel like you should really watch it. Please. Watch it. If I had to suggest one anime that was still running, I would suggest Attack on Titan hands down. It’s just so intense! So soul sucking! Yes there are things here and there that happen and then don’t get talked about again (like Annie 🙂 but that’s because there’s so many new developments happening and its pretty easy to get carried away with the flow of the anime

Speaking of getting carried away and the anime being intense, there’s also a great sound track that really brings a lot of the tension on screen to life. Just listening to the background sound tracks is fun to be honest, especially with the vocal chorus they have running alongside the music. I’m not sure what they’re singing? Maybe Latin, or more German. I don’t even know. The point is! It’s amazing and brilliant and I love it!

So in summary: Attack on Titan is hands down, my favorite anime of the year. And my favorite character from the entire cast would definitely be Hanji Zoe. She’s the eccentric scientist who likes learning about Titans and conducting experiments while serving as a commander in the Survey Corps. Also shout out, I think Kashaf would love Sasha Braus because Sasha is also obsessed with food and will do absolutely anything for food, to the point where everyone calls her the “Potato Girl”. Don’t you dare think the Potato Girl is not good for anything though! She’s amazing in season 2 so far and I heard that the writer initially wanted to kill Sasha off but the editor begged to keep Sasha because! she’s just! that! cool!

Anyway, 5/5 to Attack on Titan. Do not watch if you’re uncomfortable with blood, gore, mutilation etc or if nudity is an issue for you (the Titans are naked but they’re basically like dolls really, nothing really explicit there). And if you do decide to watch it, do NOT google it or youtube it, there are spoilers everywhere. Everywhere.

Let me know if you decide to watch! Have a nice day 😀


2 thoughts on “A Talk On Titans: The Shingeki no Kyojin Review Nobody Asked For

  1. I am also a fellow Attack on Titan lover and I am SERIOUSLY loving season 2 so far! 😀

    My boyfriend has read all the manga up to date so he knows what is happening way ahead of me. After each episode has finished I turn to him and say, "TELL ME. TELL ME EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!" 😛

    I haven't been so hooked on an anime in ages, I love being left on the edge and wanting to know what happens next. 😀


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