Workflow Timer: The 25/5 Pomodoro Technique

On my never-ending quest to find an app as useful and cool as Timeful, I have come across an interesting app with an interesting concept. It’s not the greatest app around to be honest, but I suppose it merits it’s own post.

Disclaimer: This app is not very interesting, I would 10/10 NOT recommend, do not install it, it’s a waste of time and space, everything is locked and I don’t feel even mildly interested enough to consider buying the app. Still here to read? Let’s get started.

Workflow Timer: Deeper Focus at Work and Studies. Sounds like a magical app, right? It’s actually rebranded itself. When I initially installed it, it was called Pomodromo or Pomodrone or something like that- and then one day it updated and voila. Cooler looking app icon, but absolutely same app on the inside.

The entire app is built around the Pomodoro Technique. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a technique to help keep you focused on a task while breaking it up into 30 minutes blocks of work and a break. It’s said to help maximize efficiency and get the job done well. The entire method is fairly simple- you don’t really need an “app” for it.

First of all, you need to sit down and make a list of all the things you need to do, whether it’s a bit of math homework or some extra science reading or making notes on a chapter. Once you’ve got your list of things written down, set a timer for 25 minutes and start your first task! Do as much as you can until the timer rings, which signals your 5 minute break. Rinse and repeat until you’ve done three or four sessions, after which you can take a long break of 20 to 30 minutes. Remember to check off all the items you’ve completed on your checklist!

Now, for me, personally, I tried the pomodoro technique with the app, but it just didn’t work out very well for me. Keeping the app on my phone had me worrying more about how much battery was being eaten (listen here, my iPhone drains very fast ok) rather than how much time was left to study. Also, when using it in the library, I had the tendency to fall asleep. I think that may be rectified if the app had a sound feature, perhaps a ticking sound so that I would be constantly reminded that there was a timer running.

As for the app features themselves, it was terrifically limited. You could edit your pomodoro sessions (change how long a study session is, how long a short break is, how long a long break is) and that’s it. For color schemes, you have a whopping choice of two colors in this free version: brown and green.

I could have played around with the app a bit (seen if the timer works when it’s in the background or when my phone is on lockscreen) but the app was so incredibly dull, I didn’t feel like exploring any part of it. Perhaps it could work for some people, but not for me. Definitely not for me. I would rate this app 1/5 stars and will not recommend to anyone.

Still want to try the app out for yourself? Here’s a link to the iOS marketplace. Let me know what you thought about it! Have a nice day.


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