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Mr. Men and Little Miss series, created by Roger Hargreaves and adapted into a blogger tag by Wonderfully Bookish is today’s post of the day. You may have heard of this tag before- it’s a fairly interesting tag that circulates around the book bloggers community and I’m really excited to get this done- especially with the small twist that has been introduced by the person who tagged me!

I’ve never read this series but they look super cute! Anyway, let’s get started.

I normally don’t do tags but every once in a while, something really special and fun crops up that I can’t help but participate in, despite my self proclaimed “I don’t do chain tags” announcement in my about page (which really needs a revamp now that I think about it….). Anyway, I recently joined a really nice book club called Books and Tea (you may have seen me retweet a promotional graphic) and the community there is really nice! It’s a very relaxed environment, there are read-a-thons and discussions held and everyone is friendly from what I’ve seen. Its quite possibly my most favorite group that I have joined.

Apart from talking about books, quite a few of the members also blog, and that includes the creator, Lauren who writes over at Northern Plunder. She’s the one who has tagged me, and was kind enough to tweak this bookish tag to suit me!

I don’t often get time for leisure reading as a medical student and have made up for it by indulging in activities that allow me to multi-task, like watching shows (that’s literally all my recent posts are about at this point in time) and writing or knitting at the same time. I find it very satisfying to be able to knock two things off my list simultaneously (it makes me feel very efficient) and to wrap it all up, I get to talk about it all on my blog! So while I do really miss reading and often browse around in bookshops and occasionally bring home a book, I am currently using other activities to stave off the child in me who demands stories and entertainment.

The tag basically involves you mentioning a character who falls into these categories listed below. To make thing interesting for you, the reader, I will be mentioning which shows I am going to be picking characters from so you can try guessing for yourself as you read along! I’m going to do my best to stick to shows that I’ve already reviewed on this blog or will be reviewing in the future, so that will be including: Hannibal, Tokyo Ghoul, Castlevania, Dexter, Attack on Titan and BBC Sherlock.


I’m happy whenever Mrs Hudson of 221c, Baker Street is involved- whether it’s her randomly pulling out a gun or speed racing in a sports car. She seems like such a great person to have around- very patient and restful and so just having her on the screen whenever I watched Sherlock makes me feel pretty happy! I would love to have her as a neighbor, to be honest.


Sypha! Sypha Belnades is one of the main protagonists of Netflix’s Castlevania and even though it’s been a short, quick show, I still loved her very much! I chose her for this magic category because in the setting of Castlevania, magic is frowned upon and people who practice magic are burned at the stake by the church. In fact, the series starts off with the burning of someone who was interested in science, but was deemed to be magic instead. I hadn’t thought about there being positive magic in the story until Sypha showed up!


Let’s go for Hide Nagachika here. It’s a bit of a paradox, considering how much of a loudmouth Hide is, but give him some credit. He’s a background-ish character in Tokyo Ghoul and when he’s not around with Kaneki, he’s being that quiet, snoopy character who gathers information and interprets it to the best of his abilities- and his interpreting skills are definitely not something to laugh at! In fact, this reminds me that I have to write another post about Tokyo Ghoul 🙂


I’m going to have to pick Hannibal Lector for this! He does so many bad things, but he does it so well! I really loved watching the gritty and the gruesome things he’s done .I think the most creepy thing of all the stuff he’s done would probably be the episode about the mural in the cornfield (I’m trying to be vague here). The image of Hannibal peaking down and then later completing things is something that still sticks to me, even though it’s been quite a while since I’ve watched Hannibal.


This one goes to Dexter Morgan. I really love his poker faces and internal narration that clashes so starkly with his situation. His overall awkwardness and how it’s interpreted by other people and then by himself, is something that makes me amused to no end. Honestly, I would rewatch Dexter just for those moments if I had the time for it!


My favorite Attack on Titan character of all time would definitely be Hanji Zoe. Say what you want about this eccentric Titan enthusiast Scouting Legion member-now-commander, but Hanji Zoe is clever, amazing and gutsy. I hope she doesn’t get killed off in the manga, that would be really sad 🙁

Well that was harder than I thought- but fun nevertheless! I will be tagging people on twitter, so you can check out the tweet here. If you’d also like to do the tag, feel free to steal it! I hope you have a nice day.
— Kanra Khan (@optic_chiasma) August 12, 2017

Currently: Still stuck on the same episode of Tunnel (2017) and Voltron (S01) as in the last post.
(Give me a break, my school schedule is getting hectic with the end of the year creeping closer by the day. I’m trying to buckle down and do some really serious studying these days. While I will be so much slower when it comes to watching new things, I’m hoping I can get done with writing reviews of the shows I haven’t managed to blog about yet!)

4 thoughts on “The Mr Men and Little Miss Character Tag

  1. Ahhh, I love this. 😀 Mrs. Hudson. <3 Mrs. Hudson is a wonderful woman.

    I'm sad to say that the only show I've actually seen from your list is Sherlock! Looks like I need to get to work on that. I've been told I should try Dexter.

    Thanks for tagging me! 🙂 I'll do my best to get to this, although it'll probably be a while before I do. Good luck with your studies, Kanra!

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