The Third Year Anniversary

If you head over to the about page here, you would see the announced date of the inception of this blog: 6th December 2014. So yeah, it’s been three years since I’ve been writing this blog. We’ve had our ups and downs but I’ve made a point not to abandon this blog and to keep it running in some shape or form.

Which is why I sat down and re-evaluated my stance on blogging. What did I set out to do with this blog? It kind of all reminded me of the blog post I wrote last year and I am so incredibly ashamed to say this, but everything written in that post still stands true to this very day. However, that was a very critically written post, with eventual solutions and plans on what to do next. Unfortunately, I didn’t do any of those ideas, except for maybe the giveaway one which, to be fairly honest, turned out to be quite the flop.

Sometimes, the best way to get inspired about something is to go back to the roots and origins of it. Why did I start blogging? What did I hope to accomplish? Remembering the start of things can help motivate you to get back on track, and that’s what we hope to accomplish today.

The main reason to write this blog had been to document my journey in medical school. Somewhere along the way, this shifted from focusing on the personal recollection of medical school to ‘let’s write stuff that will get us more views’ which lead to the series of posts that dealt more so with reviewing apps, shows, books and occasionally the ‘about blogging’ posts. Even though these were geared with a different objective than what the blog was originally made for, these were still fun posts to write and they certainly were not ideas and topics that I was forced to write.

I found that what was popular and trending could also work for me. There’s nothing wrong in following a trend if you are genuinely enjoying it. That’s one of my favorite things about the internet. You could be mainstream and stay there if you like, or you could decide to make your own path. There are no rules to adhere to and being in the crowd is just as okay as being out of it.

Somewhere, someplace, I seemed to lose a lot of steam and started trudging almost unhappily with my blog. As you can see, I am actively taking steps to fix this. For starters, I have cut down the number of times I post in one week from two posts to one posts. There is no significant improvement in terms of content output, however, I feel like the amount of stress on me has reduced so that’s definitely saying something.

On that note, I would also like to add that my whole plan of giving the USMLE could quite possibly be the mood-killer for writing my blog. I hope that is the case, because if it is so, I would like to pull the number of posts a week back up to two whenever I can.

While I was thinking about my blog, I also thought about my instagram. My instagram has not been updated for quite a long time. I had also planned on using my instagram to document my life and time in med school with more frequency and detail than I do in my blogposts. However, it seems instagram too took a turn. Instead of posting regularly about things related to my day, I seem to have turned my instagram into more of a display album, focusing more on the aesthetics and getting the rows and columns to match, instead of focusing on the content.

So for the fourth year of my blog and instagram, I would like to focus, this time, more on my instagram. Yes, having a theme on instagram is great, with layouts and everything, but if the whole race to make my profile look pretty means that nothing gets posted (for fear of ruining the aesthetic) then what’s the point of sitting with a dead account because I don’t have the exact things I need to stay perfect? I don’t want to stay perfect and stagnant, not anymore! So today I will post on instagram and I will continue to post on instagram and share with you all of my milestones and day to day adventures.

I also hope to start writing my interesting blog posts again soon. It’s just that whenever I put pen on paper, it’s all my worries and anxieties that end up coming out instead of anything substantial that I would like to share on my blog. I’m working on it though. I’m working on it.

I hope you are having a nice day!

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2 thoughts on “The Third Year Anniversary

  1. I'm sure most every blogger can relate to you on this! Three years is not a small chunk of time. A lot of things change during all that. After a while, it gets really hard to keep up — interests shift, motivations come and go, and life piles on the responsibilities. Not to even mention perfectionism or the temptation to write for views.

    I love when you said, "I don't want to stay perfect and stagnant, not anymore" — I need to start following this myself again!

    Happy blogiversary! ^^ You've been a super blogging buddy and, like Envy said, no matter where you go from here, we'll be here cheering you on!

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