Four Creative Goals for February ft Small Announcements

I thought today was going to be the first day of February. Apparently not. It seems the January of this year is stretching on and on and on. It might be annoying, but I’ve decided to grasp the extra time that 2018 just seem to keep on giving and giving. In case you don’t know, I’ve been making monthly goals for the past two or so months. Most of these goals were study oriented, where I would go over my syllabus and pick out a couple of topics to complete.

Needless to say, I complete the goals just by the the skin of my teeth. You heard it. I’m hoping that as I keep on doing these monthly goals, I will be able to complete more and more tasks. For January, for example, a lot of my time was consumed by college activities. I spent this last weekend trying to cover as many of my monthly goals as possible. I haven’t been able to complete all of them, but I suppose a success rate of 60% is acceptable.

I usually plan out these monthly goals in my journal first before adding it neatly into my planner. My journal is a wild place. It’s an amalgamation of poetry, diary entries, paragraphs of me complaining about random things and lists of things I want to do. I bought the journal in question in 2014 and it’s not even half full yet. Anyway, I had been complaining (As usual) in the past few entries about how I wished I could make more art, write more, create more. And that brought me to the content of this post:

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ft. small announcements.

I’ve already realized that concrete goals are of no use when it comes to personal development or anything that is not pure science. Art and literature and emotions are not science, therefore, to confine these human qualities into scientific and mathematical goals is useless and counter productive. You cannot quantify these qualitative outputs the way you can quantify numbers and results. Art and literature has no result, it is a subjective matter that cannot be converted into numbers and milestones.

As a result, most of these goals are also qualitative. Instead of describing the quantity or the output expected, these goals focus more on the quality, the feelings of achievement and contentment that should come with letting your creativity loose.

Let’s get started.

Goal #1

Write in your journal. It doesn’t have to be an official journal, just grab the notebook at hand, keep it on you at all times, whether in your school bag or hand bag. Do a February writing challenge with yourself, against yourself. Write about what’s on your mind, or write short reflections. It doesn’t have to be pages and pages, just a paragraph or two will do. Remember that creativity is like a muscle. You have to keep exercising it in order to expand it’s capacity, but don’t burn yourself out. Start small, but stay consistent.

Write early in the morning, when it’s still quiet outside and you can hear the birds chirping. Make it part of your morning routine. Starting your day with some gentle, easy creative exercises is a perfect way to set a positive pace for the rest of your day. Who knows, maybe you’ll start looking forward to waking up in the mornings a little more!

Goal #2

Introduce some color into your life. It could be color pencils or water colors or paints or pastels, anything and everything works. Just start splashing it. When you’re tired or need a mental break, bring them out and give your mind some ‘me’ time. It’s a wonderful feeling to step away from the science of every day and indulge in some art.

Draw something, draw anything. It doesn’t have to be perfect, nobody is going to be judging you. LEt your mind roam and let your creativity flow in the form of colors. Make art. Remember that art is subjective and different people will have different interpretations. Remember that no one can see the image of perfection in your mind and that you are your harshest critic and you need to stop. It’s just in your mind, so go wild. It’s okay if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted. It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay.

Goal #3

Learn to appreciate beauty and art in the dimensions of time and space and emotions. Take a moment to stop and look around and feel yourself to be in the moment, in the ‘now’. Time trickles through our fingers faster than we think and what’s lost cannot be regained. So stop and document the ‘now’ every few moments and capture the past. Feel time freeze and seize the essence through photographs.

Capture un-apologetically. It can be anything or anyone. Save the pictures, share them, write about them (if possible). We live in a digital age where we no longer see the trend of scrapbooks and photo albums with entries and letters and descriptions on the back of precious pictures. Change that! Go vintage, reintroduce the past, or modernize it digitally, but write! Take the snapshots and write and memorialize.

Goal #4

Talk to your friends and family. Talk about books and movies and ideas and events and experiences, but speak less and listen more. You already know what your favorite ideas and plots and themes and genres are, so shut up for a moment and soak in to someone else’s opinions and passions. Diversify your thought process.

Humans are social creatures because one person cannot possibly experience everything that life has to offer. Instead, we share and empathize experiences and events to collectively expand our knowledge and grasp of the world and people around us. So take the opportunity to learn from other sources, gain food for thought, evolve your own ideas and present something new. Feed your mind, but feed it healthy, good thoughts.

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So here are my four goals for February! Feel free to come along on the journey with me. I’ll be doing my best to update my twitter and instagram with my various ramblings and attempts of art. There is no pressure to share, however! This is supposed to be a personal journey and it doesn’t have to be sensationalized on social media. Sometimes, some works of creativity are best left to simmer!

What are your plans for February? Do you have plans on going out of your way in terms of writing, drawing, blogging? Have a nice day!

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4 thoughts on “Four Creative Goals for February ft Small Announcements

  1. Loved reading this post! I feel like it's important to encourage our own creativity in many different ways. I loved how you said introducing more colours, I actually did this a few years ago in my wardrobe and I instantly felt uplifted.
    Lots of love,
    Ramshaa Rose

  2. Haha, it did feel like January went by sooo slowly but also quite quick at times too!? I just hope the rest of the year doesn't just fly by because I'm sure in no time it will be the end of summer! I have a scrapbook put away that I started making a few years ago as a present for my boyfriend which I sadly didn't have time to finish. I've read a few posts recently that have mentioned about scrapbooks like you have, and it's really made me want to go back and finish it! Even with the digital stuff now, I don't think anything could really beat looking through a pretty scrapbook that you've made! Good luck with your February goals 🙂


  3. I am so loving this post. In one of your posts you wrote about your blogging goals and in this one I can see that you are already making steps to achieve them. That is amazing! Also these creativity goals are so great because it is more personal and I believe that everyone should have at least some colors in their lives 😀 Such a wonderful post. Good luck! 🙂

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