Printing Designs on Just About Anything With Screen Sensation* + My First Video?!

I’ve always been a bit of an art kid. I loved collecting art supplies and crafts and sitting down every few days with my stash of treasure and create something. The kid in me was absolutely over the moon when my Screen Sensation package arrived on my doorstep! Although to be fair, I wasn’t there when it arrived. Since I’m in my surgery rotation in fourth year, we also had a rotation in orthopedics. The orthopedic faculty had decided to hold a workshop where they would discuss the management of fractures and these workshops were held on Saturdays. Yes, a day of sleeping in, absolutely gone.

This Saturday took a turn for the better when I came home to the package! I unboxed it and shared it on Instagram. If you’ve been watching, you would have realized how utterly delighted I am with the new toy in my hands. And if you haven’t been watching or if you want to know, buckle down cause this is going to be one long post.

What is Screen Sensation?

It’s like stamping but a hundred times cooler. It’s like printing but a hundred times more fun. Screen Sensation is basically a contraption where you take a pre-printed design and using a specially crafted frame, print it on legitimately anything. Do you want to print it on paper? Go ahead and wait for it to dry. Do you want to print it on a shirt? Go ahead and wait for it to dry and then iron it for the ink to set in. Do you want to print it on glass? Go ahead and wait for it dry, although curing will take seven days. The only requirement is that the surface on which you are printing needs to be flat. That’s it. Although I suppose you can’t print on the wall…

Why I was looking forward to Screen Sensation

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a bit of a craft nerd. I’m the kind of person who, if left alone in a mega-mall or department store, will be found either in the arts and craft section or in the stationary section. There is no other place I would rather be shopping. Just leave me there for the entire day and I will be happy feeding off on all the colors and creativity and- you get my drift.

I kind of felt the same way on Screen Sensation’s online shop! Apart from the standard kit which has the printing device, Screen Sensation also offers (1) quite a few designs and (2) even more colors. I was supposed to pick just two designs and I really couldn’t figure out which ones I wanted. The main problem was mostly the fact that a lot of the good designs were out of stock! I guess that goes to show how popular Screen Sensation is! Nevertheless, I picked out a skull and flowers design (because hello! medical student here!) and an archaic text design because I just love them. They make fantastic background designs and I could see myself printing them everywhere in my journals!

When it came to colors, I was again stuck with a dilemma. I had a choice of three and while a standard 3 color pot choice was black, white and an extender, I NEEDED color in my life! Again, some of the colors I really liked were out of stock but I made do with what I could and purchased a nice blue niagara, a cool lilac and an extender.

Once my orders were set into place, I couldn’t think about anything except what I was going to do with my Screen Sensation when it arrived. I knew for sure I was going to use it in my art journal and for designing envelopes for pen pals. I was also busy planning out how I would share the design process itself and the first thing on my mind was making a video.

I’ve always liked the idea of doing something more than just writing. One of my ideas was having an audio reading for the blog posts I write. It would be an audio file at the start of a blog post and it would play a recording of me reading the blog post. The idea mostly stemmed from the fact that we read in our own accents and lingual nuances. Writing does manage to convey your ideas to me, but it also transforms your voice into my voice, which is a partially buried American accent, in case you were wondering. So for greater authenticity, wouldn’t it be nice to have an audio file accompanying the words?

Unfortunately, audio would not manage to convey what it is that Screen Sensation does exactly, which to be honest, you need to see to understand. No amount of description would help you create a perfect picture in your mind of how it functions the way seeing a video would. However, for creating a video, you need to answer some logistical questions beforehand. What will I be using to film the video? My iPhone of course! In what position do I want to film the video? I personally like an aerial view of a workstation because of the fact that I wouldn’t be appearing on the screen at all, except for my hands. How will I manage to achieve this aerial view? I was going to need some sort of phone stand that would hold my phone up above my work area. At first, I was completely stumped and my best idea at the time was to put my phone on top of a clear glass coffee table. However, it wasn’t a very feasible idea considering the space between the glass and the surface to work on wasn’t enough space for the Screen Sensation. My next idea was to go purchase a stand, which is what I did after finding out that Miniso sold phone bracket stands.

I went to Miniso with my friends and found the phone stand. The stand itself is flexible so with the application of some strength, you can twist and turn the stand around to suit whatever height and angle you need. While in the store, I also bought a notebook (surprise! when do I ever walk out of this store without buying a notebook) and at the time, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but when my Screen Sensation arrived, I realized it was the perfect medium to stamp a design on!

Did Screen Sensation disappoint?

Absolutely not! I got everything I needed to start stamping designs right away. My package came with the Screen Sensation starter kit, which had the frame and the slider, two other instruments (I don’t know what they are called) which are used to manipulate the ink either onto the screen or back into their ink cartons, a pack of wooden sticks for paint mixing, a super cool collapsible bowl (for real, it’s super cool) and a design. Secondary to the starter pack were the other extra things I ordered, which were the extra ink colors (niagara, lilac and the extender) and the two extra designs (the skull and archaic text) as I had explained earlier.

I was a little sad because the designs were a little bent, but once I opened them, I realized it didn’t really matter. The designs are made on a sort of fiber/plastic cloth so a little of bending here isn’t as bad as the same bending on a piece of paper. As with every product, there comes an instructions manual which I kind of ignored because I had already watched a bunch of Youtube tutorials about Screen Sensation and felt like I knew what I was doing. However, as you’ll see in the video, I DID have to consult the manual at one point!

What did I do with my Screen Sensation?

I set up a workplace and started unpacking the starter kit. The camera and stand was all set and I was settled on the floor for maximum workspace. Unfortunately, I live in a basement, so there is a severe lack of natural light, which explains why the video is so dark and grainy. It also doesn’t help that I filmed it in the timelapse mode for no reason other than the fact that I love the timelapse feature. It’s probably my favorite feature in the iPhone video recording options and you could probably figure that out if you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while!

You’ll probably have a better idea of what exactly I did by watching the video. I hope you enjoy. It’s my first edited video ever and I made it purely on my phone! Movie editor used was Vont (for cropping the video) and iMovie (for slowing/speeding, fade in/fade out, background music and clip editing). I also had to throw in Instagram filters because of the poor lighting during filming.


How to get your own Screen Sensation!

We’re at the fun part now! When finding out about a brand new interesting product, it’s natural to wonder where and how you can also get your hands on it. Fortunately, Screen Sensation has offered a discount code so you can also join the printing fun!

To purchase your starter kit, visit the Screen Sensation Online Store and add the starter kit to your trolley. The standard kit will include everything you need to print the included design. You’re going to want to buy a couple of other designs too, so have fun browsing through their collection and seeing fantastic options like this Marvel Captain America Range (on sale for 50% off! Just a few more hours left till the sale ends!) or this super cool splatter paint pattern or even this motivational quote design!. Once you’re at the checkout, just enter the code below and get 25% OFF any Screen Sensation purchase!


If you live in the UK, shipping becomes free on all orders over £30. There’s also a timebound sale that is live on the online store right now so make the most of what you can and purchase your own Screen Sensation printing kit today to bring some magic into your life!

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*DISCLAIMER: I received the Screen Sensation starter kit and extra products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are purely mine. Thank you for understanding.


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