For The Love of Cake and All That Is Sweet: MiniTreats

If there’s one thing that I love lamenting about, it’s about the state of desserts in Pakistan. I’ve always been more inclined towards Western desserts (I LOVE chocolates and cakes and ice creams) as compared to traditional desi desserts (I’d take chocolate over gulab jamun and ras malai and kheer any day, every day). However, when I do turn towards Western desserts, Pakistan has a fantastic way of letting me down. Imagine the most scrumptious looking dark chocolate cake you’ve ever seen in your life and you cut a slice and eat it and it’s… not what you expected. First of all, it’s always the best-looking cakes that end up being absolutely soggy. Second and worst of all is the fact that most bakeries love shoving pineapples into cakes.

Who in their right minds would put pineapples in a perfectly decent chocolate cake?

When my friend invited me to her ‘new’ bakery’s promotional event, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to check out a cute bakery and taste the sweet cakes and pastries that they were offering for free! Besides, I’m always down for an excuse to hang out with my friends*.

*Okay, I have to put in a disclaimer. I’m always down to hang out with these friends because we’ve been friends since school and I’m really comfortable with hanging out with them. I don’t feel socially exhausted or tired after spending time with them and it’s fantastic. My other friends are great too, but it’s just not the same comfort level, you know what I mean?

The bakery is an over-the-counter sort of outlet where you can place an order for a cake or a bunch of cupcakes or trays of pastries and get them designed in any way you want. Even though the outlet appears super small, it looks adorable from the outside and the interior also has great decorations. I’ve been telling my friend to convert this place into a cafe. The overall aesthetic is perfect for a cute outdoor cafe with sweets and coffee.

Since her family is the co-owner of this place, I asked if we could see the kitchens and all the behind-the-scenes stuff when it comes to making the beautiful looking pieces of edible art, whether it’s crafted and heavily designed cakes or cupcakes. I just love seeing the backstage workings of things and if there’s a chance to see it, you bet I’m going to ask for a tour.

The kitchens and inventory and the baking room are located near the outlet, two floors above a restaurant where someone was having a birthday party! I think you can guess where the birthday cake must have come from. The kitchen had three people busy making and designing cakes. There was an influx of orders since Mother’s Day was coming up and they were busy at work crafting and building.

This cake was being made in the kitchen and it was having real flowers being added as decorations. There was a whole bouquet of fresh flowers ready to be used on top of cakes. Of course, not all decorations are natural like this.

Some decorations are edible! I couldn’t stop staring at this cake. It looks like it’s got adorable little toys on it. I can’t even imagine eating it, I just want to take it home and put it in my room and be happy with how pretty it looks. My mother also liked this cake idea very much which wasn’t very surprising considering she also sews as a hobby!

Mini Treats also delivers! Which is fantastic because most of the cakes I’ve eaten were at school and sometimes, going to pick up cakes is hard when you’re a student and don’t have a flexible schedule. Next time we have an occasion to order cake in school, I’m definitely going to annoy everyone until we order the cake from Mini Treats!

Here is a general overview of pricing:

  • One pound cake: Rs. 1000
  • Two pound cake: Rs. 1800
  • Cupcake: Rs. 150
  • Tart: Rs. 90
  • Delivery: depends on the location, delivery to my university would be around Rs. 300

The day went really well. The weather was great with drizzling and heavy winds. I spent the evening at my friend’s house and it was honestly the break I needed. Ironic, how I say this when I’ve been taking sooooo many breaks.

I hope you liked this post! If you ever get a chance to visit this place or order cake, you definitely won’t regret it! Have a nice day!

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8 thoughts on “For The Love of Cake and All That Is Sweet: MiniTreats

  1. Okay, just know that if I ever visit you, it’s probably going to be on my birthday and I will resort to violence if I’m confronted with a pineapple in my cake 😛 Also, you better make sure we’re at a good comfort level when I come over, because we have busses to ride! 😉
    I think it’d be a great idea to add a little cafe to this place. Can you imagine how cute it’ll all look? I’d love to go for a cupcake at a place like that. You’ll have all the Pakistani bloggers (and one Dutch one) dying to Instagram over there!

    x Envy

  2. I totally want to go there. It is cute, adorable, those cakes are unbelievable and I totally need to take outfit pictures in front of that store because I have the perfect skirt for it! If I’m ever in Pakistan then I totally want to visit a place like that! Great post!

  3. Some of those cakes look seriously amazing! Pineapple in chocolate cake is one of the most terrible ideas I’ve ever heard (I’m allergic!). At least you have somewhere good to get your cakes from now on 🙂

    Kirsty x

  4. Pineapple chocolate cake? No thank you! That sounds awful!
    Those cakes are all so cute though, I’d love to have cakes like that available near me at home… but I’d really struggle to eat them! They’re so pretty!

  5. Wow, those cakes! They look delicious and I’m loving all the decorations, the attention to detail is amazing! The sewing cake would be perfect for my sister! It’s so cool you had a behind the scenes look as well. Thanks for sharing! xx

    Bexa |

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