Elections 2018

I’ve never voted in my life, despite being a dual national. So when this general election rolled around, I was kind of excited for my first time voting. While I might not be very hopeful about the outcome of the election, I still wanted to exercise the right I had as a citizen of Pakistan. I think that if you can vote, you should definitely vote. Even if you think your vote won’t accomplish anything, vote anyway.

I woke up early in the morning and my mother and brother and I headed out to the polling station that was allocated to us.

There were polling camps being set up. At first, I didn’t understand what the point was of these camps but then it turned out that they are there to help. When giving in your vote, you need to know your block code and serial number. You can either text your CNIC to 8300 or find out from the polling camps. Another factor to keep in mind is the fact that you’re not allowed to bring your phone into the polling station, so you have to have your ID card as well as other identifying numbers written down on some sort of slip.

I think the polling agents at the station were rather irritated with me. I had never voted before and had no idea what was doing. I was asking too many questions and getting them to repeat instructions too many times to the point where they were mildly annoyed and I ended up doing things my way. Nevertheless, it was certainly an experience and I’m glad I voted!

Outside, I passed by the polling camps and saw that some of them had stickers! I love stickers and I knew I had to try collecting as many as I could. As a result, I stopped by the three camps I saw stickers and asked for stickers. The people were very nice- most of them tried giving me lots of stickers but I only wanted one of each. I wanted to use the stickers in my journal.

Yes, sorry, I am a journal fanatic and if I see the chance to decorate my day, I’m going to take it.

One of the major opinions I have, in general, about the election is about people’s relationships during the election and voting process. I noticed that a lot of people tend to make sweeping polarizing and even extremist statements regarding people who don’t vote for who they want you to vote for. I realize that elections are a major thing for people, but it doesn’t mean that you can turn on your own coworkers and colleagues and be mean to them because their political views don’t align towards yours.

I personally would never belittle anyone or break ties with anyone based on who they voted for. I feel like it is a very petty stance to take and speaks volumes more about the person with the unkind behavior, rather than the person voting for the ‘wrong’ person.

Once I got home, I sat down and wrote about my experience in my journal. I had a lot of fun playing around with the stickers and I think it is pretty obvious that I like the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf sticker the best. It’s honestly a very well designed sticker. I wish the other stickers were anywhere near the same quality in terms of design.

The results will be out soon. All I can hope now is that the Pakistan that emerges from this election will be a stronger and better Pakistan. Even if we don’t get the Pakistan we want, it doesn’t mean we should stop trying. If you don’t see the change you want, start being the change. You have no idea how powerful one person’s action can be.

Have you ever voted before? What were your feelings about it? Do you think voting should be mandatory or should people have the choice to sit elections out? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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One thought on “Elections 2018

  1. Loved reading about your experience and seeing your journal page! I agree that I would never cut ties with someone just because they have a different political stance from me. Too often do I see people being blinded by their own opinion.

    I have voted before here in The Netherlands. The rules aren’t as strict as over there (we’re allowed to keep our phone and stuff) and it’s a pretty quick process. You’re in and out of the voting booth really!

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