July Journal Spreads

Ever since I gushed out all the reasons to start a journal (which you can read here), I’ve been dutifully taking my own advice and journaling as well. In fact, I’ve been doing it pretty regularly for the past month and I’m kind of proud of it. There has been a lot of improvement in the general appearance of the spreads as I started taking more interest and indulging in more creative freedom with the pages and I honestly like what has been coming out.

I’ve been writing in a Chinese brand notebook that I found in a local stationery shop for Rs 250 (about USD 2.50) which isn’t that bad, although some of the pages inside had messed up stains and the pages themselves seem to be too thin for some heavy duty gel pens.

As a result, I ended up using mostly cheap ballpoints since they don’t bleed through the pages at all and I also write with a light touch so there’s no problem of my words imprinting onto other pages or creating that crinkly page feeling (although that also feels really good, I’m not used to stabbing the page while I write).

I also pulled out a lot of old scrapbook paper and stickers that I’ve been hoarding for over ten years. I’m a major hoarder, I keep all these things with me and never use them because I’m always thinking about there being a special occasion for me to use them. That special occasion is never going to come, I realized, and if I didn’t start using these now, I probably won’t ever get to use them again.

I also wanted to put in illustrations but I think I am way too nit-picky for adding my own illustrations into the notebook. I’m never happy with what I make.

I also had some printed pictures left over from my brother’s school assignment so I started using the big pictures to cover up the stains on the pages as well as I could.

Sometimes big stickers helped.

And sometimes painting the page helped hide it.

Here’s a failed page of mine. I meant to write goals here but I quickly ran out of goals and couldn’t fill the page. I’ll probably redo this page later and turn it into a collage of sorts.

Here’s the election spread that you saw in this post.

Some of the stickers I used were heavily padded stickers and that resulted in the journal appearing thicker and also it was hard to write over the space on the stickers on the next pages, but it was an interesting experience and I would definitely not turn down thick foam stickers.

I also started cutting up the scrapbook paper into strips and using it to accentuate some of my entries. I often sit down during the weekend with a few scrap pages and glue them all up for the next week’s entries. I find it to be a good past time.

And here again, you see two giant illustrations covering up yet another defect in the pages.

Well, that’s it for the spreads! I hope you liked browsing through them! If you liked them, let me know in the comments and I will definitely share more spreads on a monthly basis! Thank you for reading!

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